Las Vegas-The City Of Sins


Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in Nevada. It is a resort city famous for gambling, shopping, nightlife and fine dining. It is known to the most prominent financial as well as the cultural center of southern Nevada. It is the entertainment capital of the whole world because of its casinos and hotels. It is the 31st most populous city in America. It even falls among the top most tourists destinations in the world.

It is a city that never sleeps. You will find bars, restaurants, grocery stores and nightclubs of the city active 24 hours. There is so much to do there until sunrise that you forget about time and enjoy whatever you are doing.

You might have heard this quite often that LasVegas is the sin city. There are 7 deadly sins for which it is called the city of sins. Greed is the top most reason why it is called the sin city. Greed has built the city from top to bottom due to the large number of casinos in this city. The major purpose of building those casinos was to win everything and the major driving force for this was greed.

Lust is the second reason why it’s called the sin city. Though prostitution is not legal there, but there are prostitutes scattered all over the city. These prostitutes are running fine business in the Las Vegas strip.  Envy is the next cause of getting such a name. Such people come to the city who have envy in their hearts for the rich people. The reason they prefer to come to this city is to become rich.

If you happen to visit any casino then you will find Gluttony there common too. Each casino has restaurants where you can eat all you can. With the free drinks coming, you can easily become drunk.

Pride is also much common here. You will see plenty of such malls in the city where a pair of shoes will cost $1000. This means those who are rich show off their pride too. The next common thing there is wrath. If one is not winning, he gets hypertension, and might express his wrath in a deadly way.

Although it is called the city of sins but it is not a bad choice if you visit it to spend your holidays as the climate here is usually hot. Sun is always shining there throughout the years. You can the subtropical climate is evident.

Here is another thing you might want to know about the city of sins, Vegas is one of the most stressful cities in the USA and the divorce rate is high there. The reason for increasing divorce is not the people. As getting divorced is easier in Nevada, people from other states come to Las Vegas for the completion of their divorce process.  Getting married here is also easy.

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