Lanikai Beach - A place that you wont ever forget

Lanikai Beach

All the beach lovers out there, this article is for you! The beach we are referring to in this article is no ordinary beach. It’ll change any beach experience you’ve had so far and will compel you to believe that it definitely lives up to its reputation.

Lanikai Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world. Though not stretching to a vast area, it is just half a mile; nevertheless it’s regarded as the most beautiful place in Hawaii. It got its name from the word Lanikai which means “the sea of heaven” which it surely is. The Lanikai Beach is a public property but the land is not yet owned by the state. Bordering this ½ mile strip, there is a residential district belonging to the pure upper class residents of Hawaii. Due to the residential presence in this neighborhood, there’s a lack of parking facilities and the general public and outsiders are required to park their cars outside of this neighborhood. This needs to be considered very seriously because failing doing so you might be charged with a fine of 35 to 200 USD.  So you have to make sure that you don’t risk your money by wrongly parking your vehicle.

Once you’re satisfied that you haven’t breached the parking rules, you may proceed to walk towards to beach where you’ll get to spend some life changing moments. The most amazing spots here are the two heavenly Islands. These twin Islands are named as Na Mokulua or the Mokes. The Mokes are visited by many celebrities and models throughout the year for their photography sessions and commercial photo and video shoots. So, there’s also a chance for you to meet your favorite TV star; an additional plus.

According to the tourists’ reviews, their travel experience in Lanikai Beach is worth cherishing for their boating experience to the Northern Island, where they couldn’t help but admire Mother Nature for her immensely pleasurable exquisiteness.

Of the two Mokes, the northern Island i.e. the larger one is open to the public which can be reached by renting a boat whereas the smaller or southern Island is prohibited to the public. This is because the southern strip of land in the sea is a bird reservation. So, it’s made a safe haven for all of the different and unique species of birds.

For swimmers, it’s important to know the general temperatures of the sea water. Well, the good news is that you can spend hours in the water as the temperature normally ranges from 24 to 26 °C, suitable and safe. There’s no kind of contamination on the beach and the sand is naturally clean and white, soft and powdery. If you’re taking kids along, there’s a golden opportunity for them to build castles and sandman out of it.

Lanikai Beach receives many more visitors during weekends than rest of the week days and the most visitors during winter and summer vacations include tourists from all over the world. Another beautiful experience is still left for you to know. The sunsetting at Lanikai Beach or the full moon rising over the Mokes is one of the best ever landscape scenes a human will ever get to see in an entire lifetime!

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