The island of Japan located in the eastern side of Asia, is also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” owing to their beliefs that they were the first nation in the world to be awakened by the rising sun.

Undoubtedly, Japan is a place where contemporary and traditional have found a perfect home. Be it adventure or a place where you want to unfold and spend some peaceful time, Japan never disappointed anyone.

The capital of Japan, Tokyo is definitely a place of top priority for tourists, especially for those who have never visited Japan. Home to some of the most humble people, Japan is a nation seeped in rich culture and history. A dream destination for travel enthusiasts, Japan has something to offer for everyone, and some of its most famous attractions include:


Japan’s highest peak, Mount Fuji stands high and mighty at 3,776 meters. Over 200,000 tourists visit the peak, with most of them trekking to it’s highest point. Mt. Fuji’s iconic conical top is one of the symbols of Japan and its reckoning in the world.


Tokyo’s Imperial Palace is home to Japan’s emperor, and dates back to before the Shogun Era of Japan. Now, as a modern day tourist attraction, the palace contains some of the greatest pieces of Japanese art and history, some of which are priceless.


The Todaiji temple that is located in Nara, is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions. Not only is it the world’s biggest wooden house, but also it has a large Bronze Buddha statue inside it. Deer that roam freely surrounds the palace.


The Hiroshima memorial is a somber reminder of the atrocities that plague Japan during the atomic missile that was dropped on it during World War II. Japan’s resilience in bouncing back is wonderfully epitomized by the only building left standing after the attack.

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