Laguna Beach-Home to a Vibrant ArtsCommunity and a Traveler's Oasis

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach which is located near the beautiful cities of Los Angeles and San Diego is a lot more than a beautiful spot for a splendid coastal experience. Laguna Beach provides for a fantastic retreat for many an art lover, beachgoer or nature enthusiast. There are plenty of things to do at Laguna Beach inclusive of hiking through beautiful trails, biking, attending art festivals or listening to live music.

From the romantic cliffs to the beautiful secluded coves, it is easy to see why many would love a chance to visit breathtaking Laguna Beach! The sapphire waves beckon many a surfer to enjoy its beauty while the gorgeous waterfront provides for a splendid relaxing experience.  There are plenty of art festivals available in addition to public sculptures for all of the art lovers to enjoy. This can be attributed to the city’s long love for the arts.

Things to do at Laguna Beach:

You can go whale watching at the shimmering coastal waters or surfing through the beach’s glistening waters.

Kayaking, sport fishing or enjoying wonderful cruises on the water are other activities you can take part in while in the area.

Visit with the Laguna Art Museum for a look at beautiful collections from contemporary Californian artists or go for a stroll along the pristine beaches.

Glorious sunsets can be enjoyed at the beaches with the glistening waters as the backdrop.

Scenic views of the area can be enjoyed with avisit to Heisler Park, while Brown’s Park is the place to visit for a look at a gorgeous brick waterfront beach house that dates back before the 1930s. Visitors will be able to check out the cast bronze chairs at the park in addition to the brick used from the original structure that was unfortunately destroyed by an El Nino storm.

Theatergoers need not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Laguna Playhouse for wonderful performances.

Treasure Island Park on the other hand provides visitors with a beautiful place to simply relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. It is a wonderful place to enjoy your picnic as you enjoy the beautiful natural sights.

Nature lovers can also enjoy a visit to The Sanctuary, which is a beautiful plant and wildlife refuge in Laguna Canyon, an area that is surrounded by sheer natural beauty.

Ultimately though, Laguna Beach is a must visit while in the area for a touch of natural beauty and wonderful relaxation.

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