Kyoto The Second Capital of Japan


Kyoto is a most famous city in the central part of Japan, the population of Kyoto is close to 1.5 million. Now it has become the second capital of Japan. It forms a major part of the metropolitan area of Kyoto Osaka Kobe. Kyoto is famous due to the presence of real estates, markets, business places, parks, temples and restaurants. Now the Kyoto has become most famous and oldest Asian metropolises.

History of Kyoto

Kyoto was destroyed several times by fires and wars. Now this city has been dropped from the list of cities for air raids and atomic bombs due to its great historic value. There are present countless shrines, temples, holy and memorial places in Kyoto. The Kyoto city suffered from great destruction in 14th century. The numerous buildings burned and damaged in the Onin war. In 16th century, new ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi decided to reconstruct the city. He constructed the new blocks, streets and buildings in the city. The economy of Kyoto flourished during the period of Edo.

You will find dozens of prewar buildings and blocks in Kyoto. Now the modernization is breaking down the traditions of this city in the form of newer architecture. As a result, Kyoto has become the most famous and popular city in Japan. Kyoto hosted several conferences and international meetings. This city is also famous due to the presence of hundreds of important government institutes and offices. Japanese people prefer to settle in Kyoto to enjoy the modern facilities. Therefore, the population of Kyoto is increasing very fast with the passage of time. Now you can see the Kyoto as a modernized city in Japan. It has become a center of attraction for tourists and visitors. The presence of numerous shopping malls, restaurants, offices and clubs has increased the beauty of this city. Kyoto serves the visitors and tourists best accommodation, food, transport and travel packages. There are present different types of travel packages for tourists.

Geography of Kyoto

Kyoto is located in Tamba highlands. It is a very famous mountainous region in the eastern part of Japan. Kyoto is surrounded by the mountains of Higashiyama, and it is located 1,000 meter above sea level. There are present three important rivers near to Kyoto, the Kamogawa, katsuragawa and Ujigawa. It is reported that Kyoto sits on top a big natural water source. Kyoto city receives fresh water from this natural water table. The amount of rain draining is declining due to large scale urbanization.

The climate of Kyoto is humid subtropical. There is a significance variation in precipitation and temperature. Winters are very cold due to continuous rainfall and summers are hot. The rainy season starts in Kyoto from June and end in July. The Kyoto is prone to epidemic typhoon during October. It is reported that millions of tourists come here to enjoy the cold winter season and snow fall. Therefore, Kyoto is a most attractive place for tourists. Now it has become seventh largest city in Japan.

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