Kronborg Castle in Helsingor-Denmark

Kronborg Castle

Facts and History

Kronborg is a Castle and is present in Helsingor, Denmark. It is one of the important castles in Northern Europe with coverings of William Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet being performed there. The castle is situated between Denmark and Sweden. It was built by King Eric VII in 1420. The main architects who did the designing of the castle were Anthonis van Obbergen and Flemings Hans Hendrik van Paesschen

The castle was fully operational in the year 1585 and had around four-wing edifice and a three storey built with yellow sandstone. The Kronborg Castle was under very heavy fire in 1629 and only Chapel was saved. King Christian IV worked on the rebuilding activities of the Kronborg Castle in Baroque Style with specially designed interiors which still remain for today. In 1923, the army left the premises and since then the restoration of castle has taken place.

Holger Danske – The legend still remembered

The statue of the sleeping Danish hero “Holger the Dane” is considered a national symbol and is placed in the dark Casemates of Kronborg. Many tourists every year visit the castle and get mesmerized by the statue. There is a myth that the Holger Danske will wake up and defend Denmark if it is danger.

Hamlet – The famous Shakespeare play

Lots of tourists visit the castle to watch the famous Shakespeare play “Hamlet” which is performed in the courtyard of the Castle. The show is open air stage performance in medieval surroundings and authenticity that sparks the atmosphere and showcases, a truly royal renaissance environment. The castle is also called as “Hamlets” Castle named after the Hamlet play immortalized by Shakespeare.

The Interiors, Courtyard and Chapel

The Castle is being registered in the records of UNESCO – The World Heritage Centre is truly a masterpiece. The Ballroom was the largest hall in Northern Europe when the Castle was initially completed in 1585. Its massive size made it well suited for the audiences, for the king and for the performers performing. After the fire of 1629, the Ballroom was renovated by the raising of the ceiling and paintings some fantastic drawings narrating events of the Danish history. Other interiors to watch out are the historic things like the iron stove, the old fireplace, the dining table, linen press, King Frederick II table canopy, Shakespeare costume for Prince Hamlet and more.

It is being told that the valuable canopy was placed above the royal couple’s table during royal banquets in the Ballroom.

Christmas 2013

Christmas is being celebrated at Kronborg for the last seven years and is now open for 2013. The highlights of the event include Arts and Crafts Christmas Market in the first two weekends of December. Moving on, the third weekend will have Food and Drinks, and Christmas Market where you can buy the traditional Christmas fare and small Danish doughnuts. You can have fun and enjoy your Christmas with delicious food and having a genuine Kronborg beer developed with the inspiration of the Renaissance.

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