Komodo, beyond the dragons: diving and empty beaches in Indonesia

beaches in Indonesia

As many of us know, Komodo Island is popular for the giant lizards, also known as the Komodo Dragons which are one of a kind. They are completely carnivorous and can eat almost anything like fish, birds, rats, rabbits and many more animals.

They are sometimes referred as perfect predators. Most of them are found in the Komodo national park and they are now an endangered species because of the habitat destruction and lack of food.

But there is more to Komodo beyond the Dragons. It is an amazing tourist destination especially for those who like diving and spending relaxing time on the beaches.Some beaches are secluded and often seem perfect for a getaway. These are one of those beaches which are naturally maintained. Komodo National Park is one of the best diving sites in the world. Each year several people visit this place especially those who love diving or just those who come to see the world’s largest lizard. It has some amazing variety of sea creatures. Here you get a chance to view some of the beautiful and unique creatures that you have never seen before. So, for diving lovers, a visit to Komodo National Park is a must. You can try different diving sites like BatuBolong, Cauldron and Crystal rock. All of these locations are incredibly beautiful and give an enriching diving experience. You will love them all.

Komodo National Park is an amazing diving and a world heritage site. It has the most distinctive and exotic environments and is also home to several species of corals and fish. Although it is one of the best sites, some of the diving sites here can be dangerous as the speed of the current can vary and non-experienced divers may find it challenging. The temperature of water and overwhelming species underwater can sometimes make the diving a daunting task. It is better to hire experienced guides who choose a proper site for you and also show you around the Island.

This is the best option to explore what Komodo has to offer. This also makes sure that you don’t miss out on anything that is utmost important. They also offer pick up and drop facilities which makes travelling around a lot easier. It is also advisable to inform the resort about your food preferences before arriving as the resort is situated in a remote location and particular food is subject to availability.But nevertheless the available ones will not disappoint you. They are incredibly delicious.

For avid divers who have never visited Komodo, it is a place they should visit at least once in their lifetime to have the world-class diving experience and see some amazing marine life.Next time you feel like you need to escape and have an amazing time, then you should visit this part of the world and head over to Komodo National park which will be your adventure of a lifetime with some amazing memories.

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