Kolkata – city of Palaces


The capital of West Bengal, i.e. Kolkata is also the commercial capital of eastern India. Here you are bound to find beautiful blends of European architecture. Visit the Dakshineshwar Kali temple or the Indian Museum which is the ninth oldest museum of the world.

Visit the floral beauty of the place by a trip to the botanical garden that houses more than 12000 biological specimens and the world’s largest banyan tree. Do remember to explore the college street that houses unique collection of books. Read on to find out some of the best attractions to explore in Kolkata.

Academy of Fine Arts

On the ground floor you will notice a myriad collection of art work and exhibitions by artists all over India and also abroad. Eight galleries on the ground floor together form the largest gallery place in India. There are other floors in the building that house other stunning works.

Nicco Park

If you want to have some freaking fun with your family or friends, Nicco Park is at your disposal. Disneyland of the locals this park has extensive number of breath taking rides like Pirate ship, Toy train, water chute, cave ride, water coasters, cable car and so much more. The landscape is very impressive with scenic gardens and food parks. Other parks that are worth mentioning are Aquatica, Wet-o-wild and Millenium Park.


How can your visit to India be complete without visiting the temples of the county? A glance at some of these will let you know why India is referred as one of the most spiritual places on earth. Visit Dakshineswar temple which is dedicated to goddess Kali. Several pilgrims visit the temple every years that stands about 30 m high. Other temples that you should visit while in Kolkata are Kalighat temple, Nakhoda Mosque and Belur Math.

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