Kerala – Love the Adventure


Kerala is a place for people who are into adventures and simply love doing it. Kerala has magnetic beauty; the majestic mountains coming down the Western Ghats and the emerald blue-green waters of Arabian Sea surrounded by natural forests. Some of the known and popular adventure activities which one can try are:

  • Bamboo Rafting along the Rivers: If you are a nature lover then you shouldn't miss the Bamboo Rafting at Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady. You can enjoy the enchanting beauty of forests and watch the arboreal animals and also, listen to the sweet melody of the birds. This can be a long-trip of around 9 hours and can also, be done at Wayanad.

  • Canoeing and Kayaking: If you want to explore the culture of Kerala at close quarters, then you can go canoeing and kayaking. Plenty of options are available for tourists doing kayaking and one can enjoy the incomparable beauty of backwaters and mesmerizing dense foliage.

  • Living in a Tree-House: This is one of the most brisk experiences of staying in this enchanting land. From the tree-houses you will be able to see miles ahead and spot different animals from the vantage point. There might be high chances that tigers, elephants, wild boar, bear, leopards and many other animals walk right below your tree-house. This facility is offered at many resorts in Kerala and of course, it is a lifetime experience because you can listen to the chirping voice of various birds during mornings.

  • Wildlife Safari: Kerala is beautiful in every sense of the word and you can go and experience the wildlife here as well. Both day and nocturnal safaris are available to tourists and apart from the wildlife one can also experience the elephant ride and take part in elephant processions conducted during temple festivals. There are many more options like sea surfing, paragliding, scuba diving and biking.

  • Trekking: Trekking in the jungles of Kerala and especially at Thekkady is an utmost experience. There will be expert guides to accompany you and make your life much easier while you are walking into the dense forests. You can also cook in the jungle, sleep in tent, enjoy a meal and if you are lucky enough you can even spot a tiger.

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