kenyan safari

If there were a paradise on Earth for animal lovers, it would be hard to beat the vast, never ending savannahs of Africa. With some of the most majestic and beautiful flora and fauna known to man, Africa is one of the last known bastions where nature’s beauty is left untouched. These very natural and unharmed wonders are meant to be explored.

Home to some of the greatest natural landscape as well as migration, Africa is the greatest place to be if one wishes to visit some of the best attractions of wildlife at its raw best. While the central and western countries like Congo and Ivory Coast are home to some greenery and fine nature, the eastern countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have dry, arid grasslands that play host to lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, gazelles and so many other animals. Kenya, alone is home to over twenty national parks, and here is a lowdown into the top two:

1] Masai Mara reserve:

Situated in the western part of Kenya, the Masai Mara reserve is the game park that Kenya is world famous for. Bordering with Tanzania, a part of the huge park even stretches into Tanzania. The reason that this park is famous for, apart from its breathtaking view and endless grounds that houses Cheetahs, Elephants, Lions, Hyenas, Giraffes and Gazelles is that the world’s largest wildebeest migration where over a million of them cross the River Mara to get over to grassier lands. With crocodiles that wait to catch any prey that falls their way during the time, the migration is a true spectacle for nature lovers. The best time to visit is during the months of July to October.

2] Lake Nakuru National Park:

The Lake Nakuru National Park is famous for having over a million flamingos that rest on its muddy swamps. With a flurry of pink all over, the park is one of the last few homes to flamingos that is slowly recovering from a threat of endangerment during the 90s. Unlike any other Safari you have seen elsewhere, here you will spot some of the most unique and exquisite species on earth.

Also home to other wild animals such as rhinos, hippos, ostrich and warthogs, no visit to game parks in Kenya is complete without visiting Nakuru Park and feasting your eyes to an array of nature’s finest beasts.

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