Kathmandu–Nature’s Splendor in The Lap of Himalayas


Kathmandu, being the capital city of Nepal is the most attractant place for tourists from all over the world. This elegant city is very beautifully enveloped by the sky touching peaks of the Himalayas.  Besides, this awesome looking city has great relation with very old archaeology of the ancient times. The famous spiritual leader Buddha has also been staying here in the lap of gigantic mountains of Himalayas.

Kathmandu valley has very rich history and very beautiful present. The most attractive fun in Kathmandu is the mountain adventure in form of hiking, trekking, skiing and many other mountain sports. People of Kathmandu really feel extreme pleasure in taking hospitality of the people coming here for trekking and adventure. Nepal Tourism Development Management along with many civilian tourist operators extend heartiest felicitation to the foreigner tourists and extend maximum cooperation to provide them comfort and amusement.

At the hilltops in low height mountain ranges around the gigantic Himalayas, one can really look the real beauty of the nature. The fantastic view of silk route from India to Tibet really catches the minds and hearts. The culture of Kathmandu is very rich and it is being projected and promoted by various national and international agencies like UNESCO. Kathmandu is really a comfortable place to live and move around. One interested in the mountain adventure can also proceed for that with the special permission of Nepalese government. Trekking guides are available all around Kathmandu and there have been many packages also offered, as trekking alone is not possible in such gigantic mountain ranges. There are one day, overnight, three days, and weekly and fortnightly trekking packages available for the foreign visitors.

Since its old times, Kathmandu has been a major attraction for all kinds of tourists. Nature lovers come here for witnessing the real prettiness of the nature. Adventurists come here to occupy the highest satisfaction of their taste.

Kathmandu has been hosting many religious and spiritual gatherings around the year. The great festival of Buddhists’’ pilgrimage is also celebrated here with extreme religious zeal.Nepal’s capital has been rich in promoting Nepalese culture as the Nepalese villages surround it. Lush green mountains look awesomely great around the Kathmandu; this eye-catching view can be even enjoyed from the window of your hotel room. For food lovers, the city has many delicious cuisine, dessert and beverages choices.

Kathmandu is calling you with all its care, love and admiring beauties. Wait not and pick this beautiful call to cherish wonderful moments of your lifetime.

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