The Joy of Visiting Johannesburg

The Joy of Visiting Johannesburg

A visit to Johannesburg offers more than just a visit to one of the biggest cities in Africa. The city that brings together whites and blacks are locally known as “the city of Gold.” It lies on top of South Africa's central plateau, at the edge of Witwatersrand that is an 80km long hill range that are rich in minerals. Although none of the buildings from the “early Gold” periods has survived the growth in Johannesburg, visitors can easily visualize the old days in this Golden Reef city.  Additionally, visitors get to view Crown Mines disused shafts reflecting the wealthy Gold mines.


Other than the wealthy mineral history, Johannesburg is also wealthy in culture. The Apartheid Museum offers a vivid and powerful experience of South African history through its collection of photos, artifacts, newspaper clips, and film footages that graphically display South Africa’s apartheid story. A visit to the Museum is assailed by sights, sounds, and memories of the apartheid era. The paths with the museums move through oppression decades to the point where South Africa got independence. There is also the Museum of Rock Art that has reproductions of pre-historic rock paintings. Also worth stopping by is the South African Museum of Military History that host materials from World War II and the Boer war.  The city’s historical touch is also motivated by Adler Museum of History of Medicine that brings together a collection of medical instruments that are displayed in the museum’s main building.


Johannesburg also has a lot to offer in terms of recreation. The Herman Eckstein Park is one such spot. This is cricket venue located to the north of city center and hosts Johannesburg Zoo as well as two museums.  The zoo plays host to over 300-animal species that range from elephants and lions to multiple monkey species. Some animals are hosted in open enclosures with only water filled ditches separating them from tourists. The zoo also hosts a lake that visitors can traverse using the boats on hire. Also available is the Rhodes Park that is centered on a reservoir found in Kensington District. The pioneer park also offers recreation opportunities. Within the park, there is a small stream flowing and Wemmer Pan that has rowboats for hire to the park’s south fountains.


Racism is a major global problem, and South Africa is one of the countries that bear a rich history of the same. However, a visit to Hillbrow district in Johannesburg presents an impressive image. In contrast to many parts of the city, Hillbrow hosts black and white people that live peacefully and happily. This coexistence has given the area a multicultural atmosphere. Dominating the district is South African Post-Office high-rise block that displays contemporary architecture.


Melville Koppies Nature Reserve is also found in Johannesburg and lies in the Johannesburg’s western outskirt that is in Melville district. The reserve hosts up to 80% of plant species found on Witwatersrand some of which are poisonous, others are medicinal while others are edible. Additionally, the city also hosts over 150-bird species.

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