Jersey Shore of The Atlantic Ocean

Jersey Shore of the Atlantic Ocean

Jersey Shore the coastal region of New Jersey, is a 127-mile (204-kilometer) stretch of oceanfront, from north of Sandy Hook to south of Cape May. It is part of the Atlantic Ocean There is no real border defined for the shore as it includes North and South Jersey, but most of the shore is in the south part of Jersey.

Jersey Shore is famous for its beaches, boardwalks with arcades, water parks and amusement parks and hundreds of beautiful attractions. Jersey Shore covers the northeastern part of United States so it is a lovely place for the people living in near-by cities like New Jersey and New York.

The Jersey Shore is linked with more than 30 communities, having their own unique character and beauty. Every summer travelers come to enjoy the blue skies of the Jersey Shore. The East Coast’s most desired travel and vacation place has all the excitement for both family and friends. It attracts its visitors with fast nightlife clubs and casinos in Atlantis City, boardwalks for family at Wildwood, Cape May, world famous resorts, and history. Some of the most visited and popular destinations of Jersey Shore are:

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is a long narrow area, which is managed by the National Park Service. It is famous for its various beaches including North Beach and Gunnison Beach. For those who love the gleam of summer, Sandy Hook has the finest ocean-facing beaches. To its north there is Sandy Hook Lighthouse and number of military based possessions like two gun posts, ammunition bunkers and the Nike Missile Base.

Asbury Park

Asbury Park is a destination which enjoys a cultural renaissance as it was developed through the time of 1920s and 1930s and remained as a resort destination until its buildings were destroyed during the race riots in the city. It is still famous for its music bars, fishing piers and boardwalks, as well as the historical buildings that are still standing from the early 1920s.

The Wildwoods

The Wildwoods is built in an area near a Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District in New Jersey, home to over 200 resorts, a 1.8 miles boardwalk, beaches and an amusement compound called Morey’s Piers which covers the two water parks Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters. Its boardwalk has a special facility of trolley which carries people from end to end know as the Tramcar for visitors to enjoy the view.

Besides all of the above mentioned places Jersey Shore has a lot for travelers at Atlantis City- the city of oceans, Cape May - the romantic one, and Monmouth County Beaches - the peaceful one. It is the best place to visit especially during the summer time when the sun is hot and the wind is wild; to enjoy and live the best of your time.

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