Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson memorial is a presidential memorial in Washington DC America, which was constructed in the memory of 3rd president of America, Thomas Jefferson. The building of the memorial was designed by the architect John Rustle Pope and built by John Chain who was a contractor from Philadelphia. Contraction of the memorial began in 1939 and was completed in 1943.

In 1925, a competition was held for the design of the memorial and John Rustle Pope won the best architectural design of the building. But remember that the plan for the construction of the building was not funded by Congress at that time, and it remained dormant. The matter of the construction of memorial came into the limelight in 1934 went the president Franklin Roosevelt himself started showing interest in the matter as he was one of the admirers of Thomas Jefferson. John Russell was again selected as the architect, and he designed for different structures for the different location, the best location selected by the authorities was on the tidal basin as it held the importance regarding its location among other famous building including White house and Lincoln memorial. The construction began in 1938 and corner stone was laid down in 1939.

The site and design of the building faced great opposition, but it got completed in 1943. The place is open to public visit all the time, it contains the statue of Thomas Jefferson which is made p of bronze and was designed by the sculpture artist Rudolph Evens. The statue is destined in a way as it looking towards the white house where Jefferson lived once. After the four years of dedication, the statue of Jefferson was added. The building is surrounded by circular steps and ionic ordered columns. The interior of the building is designed elegantly and contains the famous words of the Jefferson from his speeches, which are inscribed on the walls and friezes. The south west interior wall has a panel which contains the words from the declaration of independence written by Jefferson. The other walls are also adorned with the famous quotations of Jefferson.

The memorial is located in west Potomac Park in Washington DC on the bank of Potomac River tidal basin, the building is surrounded by Japanese cherry trees which were gifted by Japan in 1912. The monument is not very popular in Washington DC as other buildings and monuments are mainly because of the location of the building. The Jefferson memorial hosts many events every year related to different occasion including Easter and cherry blossom festival.

The Jefferson memorial was also added in the list of America favorite architectures, and the place is visited by many people as it is open for visit 24 hours a day however the rangers for the protection of the monument leave at 11 pm. The place is very sacred for the people of America, and they really honor the efforts of Thomas Jefferson for America. His independence writing holds importance in history

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