Jasper National Park, the largest park in the Canadian Rockies

Jasper National Park

Spanning over 10,878 kilometers, the Jasper National Park is the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies. Situated to the north of Banff National Park, the Jasper National Park boasts some of the most impressive flora and fauna anywhere in Canada. This spectacular national park was given its status over eighty years ago, and has continued to impress visitors since then. It is no surprise that Jasper National Park received the status of UNESCO Heritage Site in 1984.

Since the Jasper National Park covers a large area, many tourists are overwhelmed trying to see everything this beautiful park has to offer in a single day. Luckily, there is a number of guided tours available on site, that enable visitors to not only enjoy the natural beauty of the park, but to learn about the environmental and historical significance of everything along the way. Large groups can contact the park administration to avail the luxury of a private guided tour. If walking isn't an option visitors can always opt to tour the park on horseback. For an incomparable aerial view of the Jasper National Park, it is possible to book private helicopter tours.

One thing is for certain, visitors will never feel bored at the Jasper National Park. This scenic park is not only magnificent to look at, it allows for up close and personal experience, with guided ice climbing tours. Unlike most other destinations, you can choose from virtually every kind of ice routes, including long alpine routes, dry tooling routes and short bolted mix routes. Most people prefer ice climbing between the months of December and March since the ice is most stable and can withhold large number of climbers.

Even though Jasper National Park has plenty to offer, ultimately, most people visit this heritage site to take on the Rocky Mountain Range. Once you reach the summit of any of the towering peaks that are located within Jasper National Park, you will be able to experience a phenomenal panoramic view of one of the most serene locations in the world. There are a number of peaks waiting to be conquered in this park, so just find one that suits your ability level and get right to it. Since these mountains experience a lot of snow in the winter months, hiking and mountain climbing is generally restricted to summer months.

If you want to take advantage of the snow covered peaks that Jasper National Park boasts, you can't ask for a better way to spend your day than skiing down the Canadian Rockies. This park offers slopes for both beginners and experts. If you have never had the privilege of skiing before, qualified trainers are ready to help you have the best experience of your life. Snowboarding facilities are also available in Jasper National Park for those who want to try something different.

No trip to Jasper National Park is complete without a cruise to the renowned Spirit Island. Situated on Malign Lake, Spirit Island is surrounded by the beautiful turquoise glacial waters. Visitors can take a ride to this island on board heated, glass-enclosed boats. The park management has put in place interpretative tours that are operated by licensed pilots in the summer months. This will enable you to learn everything there is to know about this historic national park with the most picturesque backdrop you could ask for.

If you are seeking a dose of tranquility, there is no better place to do so than Jasper National Park. This is because it features a number of freshwater lakes and streams that are home to an abundance of eastern brook trout and rainbow trout. You can sit next to a lake and try your luck catching this beautiful fish, or you can rent out a small fishing boat and head out into deeper waters. An afternoon spent on one of the lakes in Jasper National Park is absolutely unforgettable.

Over the years, people who have visited the Jasper National Park always leave wishing they were able to stay an extra day or two. The park management responded by opening up some of the most breathtaking campgrounds anywhere in North America. If you have always dreamed of waking up under clear blue skies and around an unparalleled view of the Canadian Rockies, the spacious campgrounds located within Jasper National Park are probably just what you are looking for. Permits are affordable, and most people end up staying the night once they see just how much Jasper National Park has to offer.

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