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The Ohio Jade factory has been in operation for 40 years and is located in Green City, Summit County. The firm mines jewel quality Jade, found in the sand and gravel mines all over Ohio State. This mineral consists of traces of Gold and Platinum that are commercially viable and can create employment for hundreds of people while guaranteeing millions of dollars in revenue.

Northeastern Ohio has become known for bearing the highest quality of jade which consists of precious metals for decades. Limitations in development have been caused by NASA and the United States Government categorizing it as classified.

As an exceptionally hard rock that contains all types of rare earth metal known to mankind, the Ohio jade factory is developing a process by which over and above making jewelry, Jade can be used to produce vehicle and body armor through grinding and coating of ceramics. It can play a major contribution in nanotechnology according to Ray Marvin of the Ohio Jade factory. These advancements in development can help save lives through the provision of better armor plating for the police, their vehicles and troops.

The electronics and energy sectors are set to benefit from the advancement in research and usage of their products that are enhanced with Jade.

Many users of gravel are not aware of the jade contained in it, and traces can easily be found on motor vehicle tires.  This points to the fact that the vast quantities in reserves available have not been utilized to the maximum benefit and there is still great potential to pursue its use.

The prices of Jade Jewelry are relatively high in Central America, a region that is a major supplier of Jade. They retail at up to $300 per gram whereas in the United States, the Ohio Jade Company will focus on retailing its Jade jewelry at relatively lower prices; as little as $5 per gram. This will have a significant impact on the world market prices and ensure that Ohio becomes a major supplier in the world market.

The state of Ohio has a comparative advantage in that the Jade deposits are easy to locate, and despite the industry being at its infancy stage, it is poised to attract investors from all over the world because of the ability to create a buoyant industry.

At the moment, the areas that are rich in Jade are still a closely guarded secret despite the fact that there are abundant reserves that have been declassified recently. A point to note is that the quality and quality rank among the best on earth, and this is definitely a positive sign of things to come in the future.

As such, the world remains poised to receive an influx of Jade from a highly unlikely source at affordable prices that will make access to a once much sought after mineral easy and affordable. This will enhance and improve the development and production of top quality products at a fraction of the cost. It is only a matter of time before Jade becomes a household name.

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