Iolani Palace the residence of Hawaii's last two monarchs

Iolani Palace

One of the states that most tourists would like to visit when going to the United States is Hawaii. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, around halfway from America to Asia. In this set of islands that we know as Hawaii, there are lots of things to see. There are eight main islands in the archipelago. The most important ones are Ohau and Hawaii. Contrary to what you may think, the capital of the state is in Ohau and not in the Hawaii Island. The name of the capital is Honolulu, and it is the most important city in the region.

It is important to keep in mind that Hawaii has not always been part of the United Sates. In fact, it has only been part of the United States for around two hundred years. The islands were discovered by the English explorer James Cook. Captain Cook arrived there in the eighteenth century. It was around the years when he was there for his first and second visit that Kamehameha the Great united the people of Hawaii under the same rule. He then founded his own royal house and began his dynasty. This ruler family governed for some years until it was time for them to be succeeded by other rulers.

Even after the Americans had settled in the islands of Hawaii, the royal family was respected. This monarchy type of government went on until 1891, with the death of Kalakaua. He was the last king of the state of Hawaii, and with his death, the royal families of the state disappeared. He lived his ruling life in the ‘Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu, where it still stands up until this day. It has been the only royal palace inside the United States of America that housed a monarch and served as his residence.

Honolulu is a great city to visit. There are a lot of things to see there, such as its buildings or perhaps its beaches. It has the charm of a tropical region with the comfort and technology of a great civilization such as the American one. One may think that because it is a tropical region, it must be a very hot place. In fact it should be a hot place, but because of the winds that blow in the region, the temperature is regulated by them. It is also curious that it is one of the few tropical regions in the world in which it may snow. There are two mountains in which on the top of them snow falls. These two are Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.

The city and county of Honolulu houses almost million people. The last census that was made counted that the county of Honolulu has around nine hundred thousand people. This makes it the area that is the most attractive for both tourists and businessmen. As a consequence, the city keeps on growing. There are more than a few neighbourhoods and districts in Honolulu. The favourite one is Downtown Honolulu. One may find the financial heart of the State there. The government of Hawaii is also established in the area. Also, it is the commercial centre by excellence.

Beside these aspects, there are some historical things that may be found there. The most famous one is the Aloha Tower. During its golden age, it was the highest building in the region. Its purpose was to guide boats to its docks. The Aloha Tower is a useful and also symbolic building; since it was a greeting from the Hawaiians to the immigrants, refugees, and visitors to the island.

Moving further back in time, we may find the ‘Iolani Palace’. This palace was the house of the royal family of Hawaii. It was the last place in which the last king of Hawaii lived. King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani were the last monarchs to inhabit the palace. After the monarchy was overthrown, it began to serve as the centre for the provisional government, as the capital building of the republic, and the centre of the territory. Finally, it was used as the main political building of the State of Hawaii until 1969. Today, it is a museum in which one may find part of the history of Hawaii and may also be rented for events. The palace is a symbol of the unity of Hawaii. Since so many leaders have been housed in the building, it is seen as a local symbol for the natives. In 1962, it was declared a National Historic Landmark, and with reason it was named so.

If anyone goes to Hawaii, he or she shouldn't hesitate to visit the palace. It is probably the most important building in the state which showcases the spirit and heart of the region.

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