An Informational Visit to the US Capitol in Washington, DC

Capitol Washington DC

A trip to the US is perhaps a dream to many. Every part of this magnificent nation has something for the visitors to offer. Washington, the capital of the United States, is one place that is rich of history among others. Washington, DC has some buildings dating back to hundreds of years ago when President George Washington first established a democratic nation.

One of the historical buildings that the United States prides in is the Capitol building. The underground entrant serves an important purpose. It makes it easy for visitors to wait for their turn while they shop around or have something to eat. They can even watch an interesting exhibition on congress and American history while waiting there.

Before you make your way inside, you need to know what you can and what you cannot bring inside the building. Eatables in any form are strictly not allowed inside, while things like pens or pencils are allowed. You can bring cell phones and other electronic devices but they are restricted to only some areas of the building, you can’t bring them at the senate and house galleries. Remember not to bring a backpack as they are strictly not allowed and there is no storage for them whatsoever.

Now that you have passed the security checkpoints proceed to emancipation hall downstairs. This hall was built in the honor of the enslaved laborers who helped in building the Capitol.

Thereafter, the guided tour will lead you upstairs to Rotunda. The stunningly and beautifully designed dome and art works speak of themselves. The visitors are then led to the statuary hall which is a perfect glimpse at an ancient amphitheatre. It houses about 100 statues from 50 states. This is the last stop of your tour and you will be led back to the visitor centre. Everything about the Capitol is very engaging and exciting. A tour of the Washington, DC is surely lacking without a visit to the magnificent US Capitol

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