Independence Hall: Honors the Independence of America

Independence Hall

Independence Hall, the heritage building in Philadelphia is located between the fifth and sixth streets of Chestnut. George Washington earned the recognition as the commander in chief of the Continental Army in the Assembly room of this building. After the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776, the design of the American flag was adopted in this particular building in the year 1777.

Initial construction of the building started with the State House the design of which was brought out by Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton. Within 1732-1753, the entire structure was accomplished and the State House initially came out as the residence for the Colonial Government of Pennsylvania.

Nowadays, the building emerges as one of the popular tourist destinations being one of the historic monuments of Philadelphia.

An amazing Tour at the Independence hall

To enter the historic building you need to confirm your tickets from March 1-December 31. However, the doors remain open for free entry on July 4 and on Thanksgiving Day. You can book your tickets in advance or you may obtain it on the day of your visit. Your walk through, at the Independence Hall begins at the courtroom that was the place for the lawyers who used to sit the opposite sides and shared the counters and the law books. Another noticeable thing that you can explore onside the hall is the “Rising sun” chair that holds the historic memories of George Washington. At the West wing of the Hall, the original inkstand is displayed. It was utilized to sign the assertion and even exhibits an original outline of the Constitution.

The building underwent several episodes of restorations that today demonstrate a well-healed look to the community. A long 14-month rehabilitation episode started on July 2010 with a broad objective to give a splendid outlook in front of the tourists as one of the refined heritage buildings at Philadelphia. In the recent times the building stands as the birthright, that throws ample light on the historic episodes of the American independence.

Therefore, it can be the perfect place to know the American history and the Americans fought to achieve independence.

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