Iao Valley State Park Maui

Iao Valley State Park

It is not every day you will encounter towering emerald crests guarding a park; this is what you will find at Iao Valley State Park. It is situated at the heart of Maui to the western side of Wailuku.  If you think, it is just a small park as the ones people are used to in many global city, you are very wrong. This park stretches 4,000 acres covering 10miles and houses some of the most highly reputed landmarks in Maui, the most notable being the 1200 foot Iao Needle. The outstanding green mantle piece of rock outcrop overlooks the beautiful Iao stream and is amongst the most ideal attraction to facilitate hiking and sightseeing.

Other than the natural tropical beauty and serene environment offered by Iao Valley State Park, it also has a great historical significance. It has existed from as back as 1790 at Kepaniwai Battle where King Kamehameha conflicted with the Maui's army as he sought to bring together the Islands. Despite the historical Iao Needle acting as the army’s look point, Kamehameha went ahead to defeat the Maui's Army in a savage battle which significantly change Hawaiian course and history.

The park has a carefully and beautifully marked pavement for pedestrians, which originates from the parking lot to the view of Iao Needle and to the ridge-top look-out which offers incredible views of this great valley. The Iao Needle is at times cloud covered, so an early start is likely to offer a better view. Visitors to the park can also engage in a rainforest walk or undertake an exploration of the many interactive exhibits offered at the Hawaii Nature Center, located within the Iao State Valley.

Incursions into the valley offer some of the most breathtaking and exhilarating drives one would ever encounter. Visitors can join the drives down the road heading to Hana Maui. Visitors will also encounter spectacular cliffs, Hawaiian waterfalls, tropical scenery, bamboo jungles, as well as beautiful and colorful, fragrant flowers which form a part of this beautiful valley.

If you have ever asked yourself how it would feel to make a visit to and explore scenic waterfronts, or visit top historic monuments, or even spend a holiday travelling from place to place having an adventure of life, there is no better place to visit than Iao Valley State Park, Maui. This encountered at Maui are things you probably will experience nowhere else across the globe. You can also enjoy bicycle rides into the valley amongst a group of other writers.

In essence, Iao Valley State Park Maui offers a place where people can relax, relieve themselves off the pressures of life, have fun or just have a one to one interaction with nature. It is basically one of those places you rarely find in modern towns. Here, you do not worry about population; it is just like those older movies scenarios showing the ancient people who lived in green and lovely forests. Sadly, these are quite scarce today.

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