Huangpu River the largest river of Shanghai

Huangpu River

Have you ever visited Shanghai? If you have or even if you have not, you still might have heard of the Huangpu River, which is the largest river of the city. This river was known as the Chunshen River. This river starts from the Tai Lake, reaches the Dianshan Lake in the east and then the follows the Minhang district in Shanghai.  At the center of the city, it follows with the Suzhou River flowing into the East China Sea.

This river is averagely 400 meters wide and its 9 meters deep. This river has divided the city into 2 regions, Pudong in the east and Puxi in the west. Most of the drinking water in Shanghai is obtained from Huangpu River. This river squirms like a dragon flowing into the East Sea.

A large number of people visit Shanghai in order to explore the beauty of the Huangpu River. If you wish to view this river and explore its beauty, then a cruise will be the best way for having an adventurous time. The cruises can be short and large too. The river is not the only thing to explore and enjoy, there are buildings along with the river that are worth seeing. These views are ever enlightening both at the day and night time.

This is not just a mother river of the nation; it also assembles a number of attractions. The short cruises let you navigate the main areas of the river only whereas the large cruises are complete and they can let you thoroughly explore the beauty of the river. Apart from this, there are rows of amazing skyscrapers along the east side of the river. Whether it is night or day, this river will take your breath away all the time. The architectural buildings are established over time. They show the progress made in the city as time passed.

Each of the cruises has different timings. The beauty of the river has always attracted visitors. No matter how busy they are, they love to schedule a cruise even a short one for enjoying the beauty of the river. As night and the day both present lovely scenes, people do not have to worry about scheduling the cruise.

This river has made the seafood of Shanghai popular too. The most seafood includes crabs, prawns, fish, shrimps and other amphibians. The best thing is that these foods suit the dinning requirements of almost all of the tourists. There are special tofu dishes for the vegetarians too. Indeed, because of the presence of the Huangpu River, the city of Shanghai has become a treat for the locals as well as the tourists.

If you want to explore luxurious beauty of the river, then Langham Yangtze Boutique is the spot that will be presenting a charming treat to your eyes. Perfect Chinese hospitality will be found here at this boutique. Whenever you visit Shanghai, do not forget to explore the Huangpu River and his beauty. You will be missing a lot if you don’t go to a cruise.

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