Hoover Dam


Experiencing the rushing water of one of the most famous water dams in the world is always interesting to look at. They have the clear and fresh water passing through them and then save it in the best possible place. The dams have the most waters in an amount after the rivers. These dams, although man-made, are no less than a blessing as they save and keep the water for people to use in order to make electricity or merely use in homes.

These dams are built in all the countries of the world as their necessity is undeniable. Similarly, the US is full of concrete and erect dams which are also tourist sites for many. One of their most favourite dams is the Hoover Dam, located in Colorado. The state has many unique features in terms of natural formation. The river in Colorado, namely the Colorado River has a unique feature called the Black Canyon. This feature has the flow of rushing water falling here and there and spreading its dimension. In order to keep heat water clean and safe and make the most of it, the people built a dam and called it the Hoover Dam in this very canyon. This was a very smart move by the people as the rushing water produces more hydroelectricity than the stable water.

The Hoover Dam was previously called the Boulder Dam. The exact location of this dam is between the two states of the US, namely Nevada and Arizona. The construction of this dam started during the period of 1931 to 1936. This dam has been made during the Great Depression period. It was not someone famous who got up and had the idea of making this dam, it was made by the efforts of millions of people because they wanted to do something for their nation. A lot of people were also killed during its construction, whatever the history, this dam is still being used by the nations in the US. The purposes of building this dam at such a location includes:

  • Water storage

  • Controlling the floods

  • Regulating the water in the river

  • Recreation

  • Honoring the efforts of presidents during the great depression

  • Generating massive amount of electricity

  • Touring across the border

This dam has a great production of electrical power annually. To be entirely specific, the dam is supposed to produce over 4.2 billion kilowatts of electricity. Imagine this amount of electricity being generated in such a dam. It is a very useful dam, and the best part is that the purpose of the dam is being fulfilled even after so many years. This dam has become a tourist attraction as the rushing water is not less than any attention grasping point for many. People love traveling all the way to the border in order to have a look at the ambiance of freshness and natural atmosphere. What an amazing sight to look at! Pack your bags and rush to Colorado because a lot of other people are also interested in going there and you might not get the tickets!

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