Hoover Dam Tour


Do you know about the largest dam in the United States? The Hoover dam is the largest storage dam in United States and it is located in Arizona. In the past it was well known as the Boulder dam. Six companies began the construction of this dam in 1931 and completed after five years in 1936 during the period of President Franklin D. It is reported that lack of facilities and torrid summer weather offer difficulties during the construction process, the construction of this dam was the result of an extraordinary effort of thousands of workers and engineers.

This amazing dam can produce hydroelectric power and control the massive floods, and it can store water for irrigation purposes.The Hoover dam is known as the largest reservoir in the United States. This dam provides hydroelectric power to both Arizona and California. Thousands of tourists also come to visit this amazing place. It has become the center of a tourist attraction in Arizona. Tourists come here to visit the strange water fall and downside. The weather of Arizona is favorable and it encourages people to visit this place. There are different types of facilities for tourists here like travel, accommodation, food and lodging.

The construction of the Hoover dam was not easy due to the Colorado River. It was important to divert the path of River to start the construction process. To accomplish this task, some diversion tunnels were created on the Arizona side. The diameter of each tunnel was 17 meter, and total length of four diversion tunnels was 5 km. The construction of these four tunnels was completed in 1933. More than 112 deaths were reported during the construction of this dam. The first man to die was J.G Tierney; he was a surveyor who drowned while searching for the best site for the dam. It is amazing to know that son of J.G Tierney was the last man to die during the construction.

Now the Hoover dam is producing maximum electricity for Arizona State. There are present four towers here to divert the path of water; Water first enters in towers prior to reach turbines. The narrow path in towers helps to product and generates more electricity.  Initially the electricity was sold in the form of fifty years contract, this contract was completed in 1987. Later congress passed a new law to make the allocation of power which has ended in 1917. The new arrangement of electricity sale started in 1917. The arrival of tourists and visitors to Hoover dam has become a profitable business for the Arizona State. Now they offer best services of accommodation, food and travel to attract more visitors. If you want to enjoy the natural scene and beauty, you can visit this place.

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