Hoover Dam- A colossal beauty

Hoover Dam

Situated in the border of the Arizona and the state of Nevada, the Hoover Dam is quite prominently known all over the world from such a long time now. Great pyramid in Giza was the one that contained the maximum amount of masonry all until the Hoover Dam was built.

Yes, it is the Hoover Dam that takes pride of first single structure that was built with maximum masonry. The technology used was quite amazing. The cooling tubes used to make the concrete for constructing the Hoover Dam sped up the processes by far. Otherwise, it could have taken at least a hundred years to complete the process.

18th highest Dam in the world is the Hoover Dam. Once it was regarded as the highest Dams in the world during the 1940s. The capacity of the reservoir is quite flabbergasting. It is about 9.2 trillion gallons of the water from the Colorado River. Construction of the Hoover Dam was started in the year 1930 and finally the last concrete that was poured towards its finishing was in 1935. 25 million people get water supply from this particular Dam in the south-western United States of America.

Engineers in their technical description call the Hoover Dam to be of the Arch gravity Dam type. No one can get buried in the Dam as the concrete that is poured in the construction was designed in such a way. 16000 people worked in the construction of the Hoover Dam project. 726.4 feet height is not something that is quite ordinary though. Hoover Dam is of 45 feet thickness at the top.

It is one of the ideal destinations for sightseeing for visitors from all over the world. Locals prefer to pay a visit to the spot every now and then for its panoramic view and the associated robustness as well as natural elegance. There are special timings for visitors to be allowed inside. You need to get your bookings done on the spot ahead of your entry.

Children are allowed inside apart from the pets. No pets can be taken inside the Hoover Dam. There are plenty of good resorts and hotels in the proximity for the foreign visitors to get their bookings don well in advance. If you are paying a visit to Las Vegas Nevada, then you should not miss visiting  the Hoover Dam too, for sure. It is completely worth it.

The constructive elegance of the Hoover Dam is something quite amazing and a matter of pride for us to boast about our intellectual past generation. They have executed the task with a great deal of technical supremacy. It is done deliberately with an idea that it has to be one of the remarkable destinations in the history of mankind. The purpose that it serves intermittently for so many years is something that is quite noteworthy. To supply water for such a huge population through one water sources is made possible only with the help of such a great civil structural installation.

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