Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

An island in the lake

There are hundreds of monuments and unique memorials in the world. It is impossible for one to travel to all the unique monuments in the world, but everybody goes to Vietnam every now and then. One place where you have to go to and enjoy its uniqueness is the HoanKiem Lake. This lake is absolutely gorgeous.

There are buildings with massive lightings nearby. These lights create a great reflection in the waters which are an attraction for many citizens as well as tourists. The lake is famous for huge and gorgeous turtles. The turtles are beautiful having the unique scales on their shells. These turtles are found inside the water or beside the shores of the lake. People often take photographs of these turtles which are seen very rarely outside the water. The shells of these turtles are very soft and unique. They are often shown on television for having such remarkable exteriors yet living for so many years.

Bridges are built in order to let the people cross the lake and go to the other side. These bridges are often made so that people can get a much clearer view of the lake and take as many photographs as they want. The bridge that has been used the most by people is the Huc Bridge. This bridge is unique in its construction, it is bright red in color, this wooden bridge is an attraction for tourists as well as the Vietnamese citizens. People often cross this bridge in order to get to the temple within the lake. Just like an island is surrounded by the water bodies from all sides, there is a temple within this lake.

The temple is made in honor of Hung Drao who was a military leader. The name of the temple is Ngoc Son temple. It was built in the eighteenth century. This tower stands as a monument and memorial for all the Vietnamese people. This tower is no less than an attraction for tourists from around the world. This tower has been made with hard stones and marbles. It has stood erect for a long time and is going to stand as a landmark and memorial for the world to see.

Surrounding this lake is the settlement of those who like to obtain pleasure living with the ambiance of water and humidity. This settlement has been noted to have different kinds of lights in order to produce the colorful reflections in the lake at the time of night. These different lights create a sensation of ultimate luxury right here in a place so natural. There is much more that needs to be seen in this area which includes the hotels and restaurants nearby the Ngoc Son Tower. The restaurants have the fresh cooked fishes caught right from this lake which are delicious and mouthwatering. Most of the population of the city is found here at the time of the night and evening. They come here to pass time and indulge themselves in the leisure of life.

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