Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Uniqueness personified

Defining Vietnamese culture and taking it to the next level is what the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum does. Located right in the middle of Ba Dinh Square, this memorial serves as a reflection of the culture of Vietnam along with their most interesting tourist attraction. Having a look at the building, one cannot take his eyes off it without being amazed.

This monument is not that old; its construction dates back to 1973. Right after two years in August, the memorial was inaugurated among the famous people in Vietnam. This memorial is similar to the Mausoleum in Moscow, but it has more of a “Vietnamese” touch to it.

Having a slope roof with strong and firm pillars, this memorial looks something that the Romans forgot to build in their time of rule. The structure of this memorial has been designed and colored to perfection and elegance. The exterior has pure grey granite. The interior has shades of grey, red and black. The interior has been made of polished and refined stone. This memorial is placed on a high stature with seven bold and firm steps that are often used for parading in Vietnam. Around the structure of the memorial are gorgeous green gardens with equally divided plants and flowers. It has been reported that the gardens have about 250 species of different flowers and plants. These plants are well taken care of and are fresh all the time. The species of these plants and flowers have been taken from none other than the various regions of Vietnam.

As the monument has been named after Ho Chi Minh, his body rests in the memorial. His body has been preserved to the greatest extent and stays undamaged for all these years. Right beside the body of him lays the guard of honor. The mid hall has his body and this guard of honor.

This memorial has been kept clean and free of every kind of disturbance. When people visit the memorial and have a look at the body of Ho Chin, they are supposed to form two perfectly straight lines. They are not supposed to talk loudly, eat, drink nor do any other activities like smoking or photography. Silence is something which is almost sacred to this place. There is a dress code for people who come and visit the memorial. In order to keep the honor of this place, people are supposed to dress formally and elegantly. They cannot wear any revealing dresses or vulgar clothing. Pants with tucked in or formal shirts are usually worn by men and women are not supposed to wear miniskirts either.

It is a very interesting place to go to and enjoy the culture of Vietnam. The memorial is absolutely unique and stunning in terms of its architecture. The interior has also been heard to have the best polished red stone in the world. One needs to be well behaved, a fan of art and culture in order to visit this memorial and appreciate its glory and uniqueness.

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