Hitch Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Location and description

The Grand Canyon is one of the magnum opera of the nature. It may surely be called a wonder of natural phenomena as the Colorado River and its tributaries in the state of Arizona in United States of America have formed Grand Canyon. Colorado River has cut it down into a depth of 1800 meters, 29 km width sand up to 446 km length.

There is a conflict between the history of Colorado River and Grand Canyon formation. Edges and creeks of Grand Canyon unveil the geological history of Earth for about two billion years back. Geologists believe that Colorado River cuts down the rock sex posing layer after layer pattern and elated the Colorado Plateau. But some geologists have a different opinion; that Colorado River has made its way through Grand Canyon about 17 million years before and after that time it is weathering the Grand Canyon and brought it to present the state.

Tourist’s attractions

Grand Canyon is mainly under the administrative authorities of Grand Canyon National Park. It is one of the world’s biggest tourist’s attraction and people come to visit it throughout the year. Among international visitors there are 1.2% people from The Netherlands, 1.9% Germany, 3.8% United Kingdom, 2.1% Japan and 3.5% tourists from Canada. People from distant countries are rather rare. Most of the tourists are from United States making the 3.2% from New York, California 12.2%, Florida 3.4%, Arizona 8.9% and Texas 4.8%. The annual visit is an estimate of five million tourists and among them 85% is from United States. The main reason is that Southern Rim is open for the visitors all over the year, but Northern Rim welcomes the visitors from mid of May to mid-October only.

Activities at Grand Canyon

  • South Rim of Grand Canyon is 7000 feet above sea level. Visitors can enjoy a great deal of activities making it a lifetime experience. Here I am enlisting a few of exhilarating activities that you can enjoy when visiting Grand Canyon.

  • Running, rafting and hiking are most common and must popular between tourists especially in the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon, as it is an outstanding experience.

  • If you want to have a 360° view of Grand Canyon you must go for a helicopter ride over the South Rim.

  • Grand Canyon Ultra Marathon is very popular among the people who love adventure. This full day long running takes a total of 24 hours. It may be done on foot, on raft or boat or even by riding a mule. The participants cover distance of 126 km in this marathon.

  • Some adventurous people also go for sloping down to the river and then getting back to the Rim in one day. This is extremely dangerous and requires a big deal of valor as the passage is too sloppy, and trails are rocky and sudden change in elevation makes it impossible to cross. Hundreds of life saving guards are required to rescue the hikers every year.

But still every year many people complete this adventure trip successfully and set encouraging example for the upcoming adventure lovers.

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