Historical Sites of Alabama

Historical Sites of Alabama

If you are going for a trip to Alabama then it is a really good plan as because Alabama is a place of complete wonders. If you visit Alabama just once you will find that you are getting addicted to the complete history of this historic US state. Even if you don’t, Alabama will still havesomething to offer that will keep you here and make you crave for more and more. So if you are planning to visit Alabama, do not delay as you will not want to leave once you are here. Today we will be talking about various historical sites and points of attraction that you must not miss while visiting.

Historical sites that you will love to visit:

  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: This is a building with a lot of history attached to it. If you visit this place then you will be totally filled with a sense of nostalgia. This Institute was built in order to promote civil rights all around the world by letting the people of the world know about the fight for civil rights in Alabama and the United States. It is situated in the Civil Rights District. If you are an international visitor then you will also be allowed to see the 16thStreet Baptist Church along with the Kelly Ingram Park.

  • First White House of the Confederacy: You will be interested to know that this was the building that served as the Capitol of the Confederacy during the time of the American Civil War. It was also the home for the confederacy President, Jefferson Davis. It was built in the 19th century and today belongs to the southern history and cultural heritage of the state.

  • Fort Morgan Historic Site: This site was active during the civil war of 1861, the Spanish- American war and World Wars 1 and 2, which mean that this site carries the symbols of a lot of struggles and wars. The best part of this visit is that there are a group of people who perform live re-enactments of the Civil War and the condition of the people during that time. Many touristsvisit the site not only for the sake of viewing the historical site but also to see the live shows.

  • Montgomery Zoo: It is a very popular spot and one of the best tourist attractions in Alabama and it is the second home of many animals that have been brought from Australia, South America, Africa and North America. The historical importance of the zoo is that The Mann Wildlife Learning Museum is situated on the premises of the zoo and the museum consists of many interesting exhibits and artifacts.

  • US Alabama Battleship Memorial Park: Here, if you go, you will find a lot of spy planes, submarines, a plane used by the Tuskegee Airmen and other such aircraft and weapons which had been used during the World War II.

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