Himalayas-Truly Heaven on Earth


From the beautiful Sierra Nevada in California to the high Himalayas, mountain ranges are spread throughout various geographical locations of the globe. The Andes in Peru, Japanese Alps, Tian Shan in Central Asia are some of the most popular mountain ranges in the world.

Though these snow clad mountain belts are heavenly beautiful but not all of them can be visited because of harsh climate, snow storms, dangerous avalanches etc.

The Beautiful Himalayan Mountain Range

Situated in South Asia, Himalaya means “abode of the snow”. It separates the Tibetan plateau with the Indian sub-continent. The mountain ranges cross five countries, which include India, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Pakistan. Mount Everest of Himalaya is the highest mountain peak in the world. It gives rise to the three major rivers namely the Ganges, the Indus and the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra. Apart from the higher ranges, there are lower ranges parallel to it.

The Best Mountain Range

When it comes to Himalayan ranges, there is only one thing that comes to mind- perennial snow-clad mountains. But there is more to it.The lower ranges of Himalayas consist of tropical and temperate forests. Darjeeling, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh in India and Nepal are best examples for this. The lush green forests and the rich flora and fauna of these places are yet to be explored.

Himalayan ranges are the best mountain range to visit because of the number of beautiful scenic places, a number of tourist attractions, and the peaceful environment. Revitalize your soul in the Himalayas and free yourself from the daily boring schedule.Himalayas provide a chance for you to interact with the Mother Nature. A place of sheer thrill and adventure, the Himalayan mountain ranges have it all- forests, rivers and mountains.

A Small Comparison

The Japanese Alps, the Andes and other popular mountain ranges do not have what it takes to be the most beautiful mountain range to visit. Only Himalayan mountain range provides so much variety. So clearly, the Himalayas cannot be compared with any mountain range because it is a stand apart.

The Himalayas truly depict the ‘Shangri-La’, mystical and bewitching in its own way. The Himalayas will continue to be the clear favorites among the other mountain ranges no matter what.Apart from that, the efficient Himalayan tourism organizations have been successful in portraying the beauty of Himalayas to the entire world and making it the best mountain range to visit.

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