Hiking from Mexico to Canada-the Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail and its features

It is a 2600 mile long trail that runs from Mexico to Canada. It passes through the entire north-south length of the Western USA. It depends upon your requirement and the length and location of your hike, one or more permits maybe required. Also, you must be physically fit and should carry the proper supplies to complete such a journey.

5 steps on how to hike the Pacific Crest Trail

  • Obtaining 1 or more permits: The first and foremost step to hike the Pacific Crest Trail is obtaining the permits depending upon your requirement. If you are looking to hike 500 miles or more, it is recommended to obtain a permit from the Pacific Crest Trail Association. Visit the website for more information:


If you seem to hike shorter distances, there are many options available on the internet to search for starting point. It is better to search for a starting point and obtain a permit to legally hike.

To hike and to cover the areas like Mount Whitney of Half Dome which is more than 500 miles of hiking distance it is advisable to obtain additional permits. It is illegal to enter the US via Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. So, it is better to start your hike from Mexico if you intend to complete the entire hike.

  •  Preparation for hiking:  Locate the nearby Post Offices as this will help you get the supplies shipped to you. Remember, this hiking requires extensive training and good physical condition, so, it is recommended to practice the hiking on hills, mountains and carry a heavy backpack. Check your physical condition 3 to 4 months before beginning your hike. An estimated spend will be around $4,000 on hiking gears, supplies and other needed equipment’s for hiking.

  •  Arrangement for supplies to be shipped to you for your entire hike: Have someone trusted or close to you to ship all the needed supplies to the nearby Post Offices from where you can collect the supplies. The items like medication, food, water and other day-day consumables should be shipped to nearby post offices so that you can collect them easily.

  •  Pack the clothing and other stuff needed: Carry a portable stove and cooking fuel. It is better to carry all types of clothing as you might experience several weather changes during your hiking trip which will take many months. Things like gloves, hat, sunglasses, shorts and other types of clothing are required. First aid-kit is mandatory and it is good if you carry insects and mosquito repellent and sunscreen. Better to bring to tent, sleeping bag and sturdy hiking boots. Bring a GPS device or a compass for navigation. Also, carry plenty of food, in particular the food rich in carbohydrates which would help in gaining instant energy. The food supplements containing protein should be carried along as well.

  • Time to start hiking: It is better to search for your starting point on internet. It is recommended to hike along with one or at least couple of people along with you so that you can seek help in case of emergencies. Check the weather conditions once you are hiking along the way.

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