Hiking in Las Vegas? Here’s what to Expect

Hiking in Las Vegas

An adventurer, explorer and a true hiker never finds hiking boring. If you belong to this fraternity of hikers let us tell you that Las Vegas is one hell of a hiking destination! The natural wonderland the mountains engulf you with something you have never experienced before. Hiking trails here are excellent and challenge your stamina at every step. Read on to find out some of the best places where you can satisfy you hunger to hike in Las Vegas.

Frenchman Mountain: It is a single triangle peak and is made of rocks. The area is prone to earthquakes, but the view and surrounding area will absolutely take your breath away and is the only place where you can enjoy the Las Vegas vertical view. Plan your trail perfectly so that you can enjoy the very best of it.

Black Mountain: This peak is situated in Henderson (Southern Side).The peak is volcanic in nature and once you reach the peak, you can view innumerable other mountain peaks. If you going for a summer hike go early in the morning to beat the heat or it may get too hot.

Red Rock Canyon:This hiking trail extends to 30 miles. All through the trail, you can experience mind boggling views. The skyline is awesome and it enhances the beauty. You can do a little research on the trail to make it more exciting.

Charleston Peak: It is considered the highest peak and one of the most popular hikes. This hiking trail is not for the faint heated. Get your mind and body ready to scale this gigantic wonder.

Carry your gear

When you are heading out for a perfect hike, then you must be ready with your hiking gear. They are your support and your best friend when you are hiking in Las Vegas. Be sure to buy quality hiking gear as the challenging peaks will really challenge your hiking skills.

If you are a novice, it is better to hire a guide and plan everything well in advance. It is an adventurous experience that you can truly enjoy alone or with a group. Even if you are hiking for the first time, you get to learn a lot from the experience here. You will certainly not be disappointed and all your hiking dreams will come true here. Motivate yourself and plan your hike with a group to break the monotony. Are you ready to explore the trails of Las Vegas?

Happy Hiking!

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