Hershey Chocolate Factory

Hershey Chocolate Factory

Chocolates have a number of benefits associated with them. They are known to naturally boost up your mood. If consumed in the right amount, you can enjoy them without risking anything at all. Not only this, but they are too good to be presented as a gift.

So many reasons to like chocolate and I think, it is safe to say that only 1 out of every 10 people may not like chocolate. And if you are a chocoholic, then Hershey’s must be a familiar name. But do you know how one of the leading chocolate brands in the world, started?
Milton Hershey, in the year 1894, decided to produce sweet chocolate. He is the owner of this immensely popular company. This chocolate was basically meant for coating his caramels. He had a caramel candy company which he sold after a while. After this business venture, he decided to launch a new business venture in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

You guessed it! He named his new company the Hershey Chocolate Company. Shortly, after a while, Hershey’s was producing milk chocolate in bars, wafers and several other shapes. The chocolates were priced suitably, so that everyone could enjoy them, not only elites.

Needless to say, the company’s business grew by leaps and bounds. It was doing quite a successful business, so Milton Hershey decided to expand his business. This decision took him to south central Pennsylvania, in his native town called Derry Township. He thought that this would be the ideal place to set up a new production facility. This site was close to Philadelphia and New York, which meant that he could easily get the supply of sugar and cocoa beans. The area also had a lot of farms, which meant that milk was also easily available.

By 1905, the factory was well on its way on doing business. It was set up perfectly and so the manufacturing of milk chocolate, began. One of its most popular products today is the Hershey’s Kisses! They taste absolutely delicious and they are super cute too! They were launched in 1907. Soon, the company was launching many products which sold like hot cakes. Mr. Goodbar in 1925, Hershey’s Chocolate chips in 1928, Hershey’s Syrup in 1926 and the Krackel bar in 1938.

Year after year, the company kept on expanding. Even today, after so many years, the company is still living up to its standards. Their chocolates taste as good, as they did so many years ago. Their products are recognized globally. They export their chocolate goodies to over 90 countries. A very large number of employees are working with the company. The figure is said to be around 13,700. The chocolate company’s net sales are more than $4 billion annually!

The company is a perfect example for all those manufacturing companies who wish to maintain the standard and quality of their products. Hershey’s chocolates are still the first choice for many chocolate enthusiasts. They taste good and look good, too!

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