Here Are Some of The Must Visit Places in Brazil


Wow, I am writing about Brazil and its beauty but I am not doing so for a full size book. I say that because the list of attractions and points of interests in this heaven on earth is so long that a single article would never suffice. However, if I have to begin I will do so with nothing less than the statue of Christo Redentor, the infamous Christ the Redeemer. Who doesn't know about this tall beauty? Even when you are traveling towards Corcovado Peak, where the statue is situated, you can see Christ welcoming you with arms wide open.

Even for the non-Christians or the non-religious people, this is nothing less than a wonder of architectural geniuses. It is made of concrete and soap stone though it does look more surreal than that, and is the largest statue designed among its order to reach it you will have to take a train and then climb hundreds of stairs – however, once you are there, it is worth every sweat drop.

Then there is Foz do Iquacu. Putting it simply, the Iguacu Falls are probably one of the best natural beauties that the world has on its surface. It is a collection of multiple waterfalls all collecting the water together as if you feed the earth. The whole place demarcates the national boundary of Argentina and Brazil and is surrounded by heavy forests that are filled with wildlife, which in itself is a treat for the nature lovers. Nevertheless, that is not what is going to make you go to this place. What will make you go there is the fact that these falls have a flow capacity that is thrice as much as Niagara Falls!

Next up is a place that is a lesser known to the people. Called, Fernando de Noronhait is situated 200 miles off the coast of Brazil; it is actually an archipelago of 21 small islands. Just standing at the edge of any one of them will let your eyes bathe into so many shades of blue and green that might take your mind a little longer to process. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and once you are there, everything from its beaches to the forests and the hills might be blamed for your elongated stay.

There are tons of other places like the Sao Paulo Cathedral that depicts so much about the local history that a student of art and history might write a thesis. It is a pure gothic styled building and at night it might even remind you of the horror movies with vampires, but the cathedral is all about peace with its 61 bells that chime electronically now. You might also come across these vivid colored but gripping buildings of Pelourinho. Although the place has a dark history of slavery, it is now a symbol of joy. Outdoor café’s, world famous ice creams, the Bahian cuisines and most importantly the fact that Michael Jackson shot most of ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ here are going to keep you interested in the place.

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