Finland, a country found in the Scandinavian region of Europe is known worldwide as a quiet and serene country with many peaceful attractions. One gets the sense that Finnish people are some of the nicest people in. The capital, Helsinki also offers many attractions, especially for those who have an interest in Gothic architecture and geometry. Helsinki is slowly becoming a destination for people who wish to tour unconventionally and here are a few destinations that show why:


Suomenlinna is an inhabited sea fortress built on six islands. A magnificent monument to behold, it is also a UNSECO World Heritage Site, and a very popular tourist picnic spot. Built in the year 1748, by the Finnish Queen against Russian expansionism, the island fortress now has many museums present to display relics of the country’s famous exhibits, including the first Finnish submarine. Around 800,000 people visit the island every year.

Temppeliaukio Church:

The Temppeliaukio Church, which is situated in the heart of Helsinki City is a Lutheran Church built by two brothers and completed in the year 1969. The reason for the monument’s popularity lies in the fact that it is built entirely out of one rock, which is also serves as a reason for its moniker, The Church of the Rock. The intricately drawn out construction provides the place with excellent acoustics, which is one of the reasons that the place is a famous concert spot. The church has some interesting musical shows as well to enthrall crowds that throng the place by the tens of thousands.

Helsinki National Olympic Stadium:

The National Stadium of Helsinki, which serves as the main sporting attraction for the Helsinki Olympics during the 1952 Olympics as well as over four European and World Championships, is the biggest stadium in the whole country. A major tourist attraction for its sheer size and great build, the structure now plays host to other events and is the main home ground for the Finnish National Soccer Team.

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