Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto

Heian Jingu Shrine

Complete blend of culture and beauty

What can be said about the Japanese culture? It is full of colors, festivity and just a little spark. There are some very interesting aspects about the Japanese culture that are not known by many. The perfect place to find that blend of tradition, culture and interesting facts about Japan is in a shrine.

While there are many shrines in different cities of Japan, the one you need to look out for is the Heian Jingu Shrine. This shrine is located in Kyoto. It has been ranked among the top rated shrines in all Japan. This has become one of the reasons why people travel all the way to Japan to get influenced by its interesting culture.

More about the shrine

Talking about the architecture of the shrine, it has been inspired by the architectural designs of the famous emperors that ruled for over hundreds of years. Having a hut like roof which has sharp edges and is red in colour, the shrine creates attraction for those standing far away. The shrine has that ultimate look which you get from the ancestral houses and empires of the Japanese. Exactly like the top roof is the rectangular shaped design which is also red in colour with sharp edges and flat base.

Having red and green as colours of the exterior of shrine, it looks very attractive and glorious to many. The shrine is not just a place for tourists to find more about the culture of Japan; it also has something witty and adventurous to it. Want to know what it is? Well it is the classes of martial arts that take place here of course!

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese pupils who are interested in learning the skills of martial arts from the very experts of the art come here and spend their time in the shrine. With the perfect marble and brick floor, martial arts become difficult and adventurous to learn. The experts of Japan are here waiting to create sensations in the world of martial arts by teaching them the secrets they know of.

And more…As a part of the Japanese culture, gardens and greenery hold a lot of importance for people here. That is why this shrine has a massive garden tuned with the finest plants. These plants have been taken care of for years. The garden creates a sensation of freshness and beauty within the shrine. Some of the skills of martial arts are even learned right here in the gardens.

The shrine is also a place for festivity. Japan is known for the colorful festivals it has in places as interesting as shrines. This shrine holds many annual and spring festivals. People from around the globe come at the time of spring when these people celebrate the most. If they are lucky, they become participants of these festivals and get the influences of Japanese culture at even more closeness. The shrine is a beautiful place to see which is full of so much culture and tradition that even you would fall in love with it.

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