Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

The best architecture at the best location

Being crowned a historical landmark and architectural beauty, the Heart Castle is a mansion that was built under the name of William Randolph Hearst. The architect behind its glorious design was Julia Morgan who designed this piece of beauty in between the years of 1919 and 1947.

William Randolph was more like a newspaper magnet that attracted all the newscasters and reporters towards him. This mansion was made for him to live with his family and friends and enjoy heaven on earth. It was quite unfortunate when he died in 1951, not getting enough time to enjoy the leisure of living in that glorious mansion. After he died, nobody was selfish to claim this property and hence it was donated to charity in California. Since then, many people have come all the way to California to experience the leisure of living in a huge and beautiful mansion. Many tours are made here and people loving praising the designs and interiors of the castle.

A tourist attraction

While its architectural designs and location serve the castle, not any less than an attraction, there are preserves of arts and other unique masterpieces which create massive attraction for tourists. It has been reported that over a million people go to this castle for tours. These tours are taken to different areas of the castle.

As the castle was built for a family, it has everything one can want. From a luxurious fountain right in the front ground to the most spectacular kitchen in the world, everything has been incorporated right here in this mansion. There are huge grounds and trees planted to add a little greenery to the house which is stone white from the outside.

The Hearst Castle is located up in the mountains which add more to its beauty and glory. Just as we used to see the castles in our fairy tales high up in the mountains having greenery all over, the castle has the same appearance and design. The huge towers under which is the main entrance door add to the high stature of this castle. A remarkable sight to look at from the bottom of the mountains, and capture photographs with it would be a cherry on the cake!

Not to forget that there are pools which add extravagance and luxury to the interior of the castle. Fountains full of fresh and crystal clear water are just remarkable to look at. The Italian and Palm trees, the Veranda with massive space, the terrace with ultimate glory, the Neptune Pool, the Indoor Roman Pool, the artifacts by Egyptians and much more are yet to be seen in this castle. California has been given much attention since this mansion has become so famous among the tourists and other visitors.

If you are on your way to an adventurous place full of beauty and art pieces then let me assure you, it would not be a tiny bit better than this massive mansion which is full of surprises in every room! So what are you waiting for, rush before all the tourists get the tours!

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