Headquarters of NBC Studios

NBC Studios

Get that “media” impact

Everybody today wants to meet his or her favourite celebrity. And if that is a far-fetched dream, then we just want to meet our favourite talk show hosts or news casters or even the crew behind our favourite television shows. And now this dream does not seem so far away. Get a chance to visit the best studios in the world and meet your favourite host. Located in the city that never sleeps, New York is the studio where the entire glamour comes and goes day in and day out.

The Head quarter of NBC Studio rests in the GE buildings in the 49th street right here in Manhattan. Along with the most expensive street in Manhattan i.e. Fifth Avenue, is the best headquarters of the best studio in the world. The studio is known for having the best and favourite shows hosted here.

Let’s go back into time a little bit, the studio was inaugurated and started having shows in the 1930s. Right after three years, people started visiting the studio as a tourist destination. The studio started charging a little amount in order to provide tour of the building to people who needed the “media” impact in their vacations.

Now talking about the building of the studio, it is no less than an attraction itself. The massive lights, the stunning building and walking in and out of the celebrities will pull you towards the studio. The building has shades of grey from the outside. There are lights that stay on all day and night long. The building has an entrance at the ground floor that has massive lights incorporated in the ceiling of the building.

Many shows taped here

The NBC studio has over hundreds of shows that were taped here for years. There were live shows that took place here and others were recorded here. Tourists love visiting different areas where their favourite foreign shows were hosted and recorded. Amazing shows like 30 Rock, Call my bluff, The Crossover, the Doctors, The Cycle, Dr. Nancy, Early Today, The Ed show, Howdy Doody, The Match Game, Morning Joe, NBC Nightly News, Morning Joe, Live at Five, Some rest, Say when?, Shoot for the Stars, Today, Twenty One and numerous others were recorded here.

Hundreds of episodes and news were recorded right here. The studio takes tourists and other citizens for touring at different studios nearby or in the same building. Anyone would be lucky to be a part of this tour; you never know what celebrity you would meet. You can find your favourite talk show host rehearsing or even geared up for his recording right there in the studio. One tour with the studio crew will make your entire vacations worthwhile.

What are you waiting for? Get your bags packed and get steady for the best media incorporated tour in the whole world. Meet those fashion divas recording their fashion shows in the studios and get a chance to get photographs with them. Flaunt your media incorporated photographs in your best attire and have others visit these headquarters for you.

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