Havasu Falls - The heaven on earth!

Havasu Falls

All those who love exploring the world and have a fine traveling sense might know that the Grand Canyon in Arizona is established among the best destinations on earth. All in all it is regarded as the greatest attraction in the United States for tourism. In this article, there’s a secret link that connects you to the most beautiful falls that you need to see at least once in your life. This is the waterfall of the Havasu Creek popularly called the Havasu Falls.

The Havasu creek comprises of various falls of which the Havasu Falls is the most visited area piquing the interest of millions of visitors each year. Nobody visiting the Grand Canyon goes back without experiencing the divine pleasure of the beauty of this waterfall. Its main chute falls down a 100 foot cliff into a pool. However the water sometimes divides into more than one chute because of the high content of minerals.

There have been many floods throughout history which has destroyed the pools of the Havasu Falls which have been quite a few over the years. However, sundry dams have been formed to keep the left over pools safe and to restore them, artificially at least. Still, they have not declined in the sense of their natural beauty and never cease to amaze the visitors who begin to admire the creator of this heavenly attraction.

The bright greenish blue color of the water is due to the high concentration of calcium carbonate. There is a relaxation area set up for the tourists and visitors with picnic tables and comfortable seating arrangements that make you feel like you’re on the top of the world. You can add an additional activity to your adventure i.e. swimming to the back of the falls and checking the rock shelters there. So, don’t forget to carry your swimming costume along with the remaining accessories in order to fully enjoy your trip.

There’s a proper route that you need to follow in order to reach Havasu Falls. The plan is to go hiking on the trails from Supai. It’s a rangers-patrolled area for the safety of the visitors. The ground is very much suitable for camping; clean and healthy. There’s also a store located where you can buy drinks, fry bread etc. While trekking through Supai, you will come across the divine Havasu Falls.

Now let’s come to the hiking instructions which are very important to follow. You don’t have to be professional hiker but any lack of care can be dangerous so you need to bear a few things in mind. Hiking during the night hours is not permissible especially when it’s a rainy night; you can easily lose balance and fall. Do not even think about camping on the trail.

You will have to keep plenty of water with yourself to make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the 8 miles of hiking as you won’t find store on your way. You can go without water as long as you don’t mind borrowing it from a stranger. Don’t get stranded and try to keep closer to your group if you’re not alone.

It’s overall a great adventure; one you will never forget, perhaps the best one for an upcoming vacation? Please let us know about your thrilling experience!

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