Haunted places in America

Stanley hotel

“Haunted” is something that some people find fascinating and others find scary. It is a phenomenon that some of you might believe and others make fun of. But reality is different for everyone. However, people of the United States of America have witnessed and declared many places in the country to be haunted. Some of them are part of this article.

Paramount Art center

Paramount art center is situated in Ashland, Kentucky. The theatre presents plays and symphonies. While this center was being constructed in 1931 one of the workers named Joe died with his body hanging from a curtain rigging in the auditorium. Since that time, multiple incidents prove the existence of Joe’s ghost. People felt the presence of someone, lights switching on and off, cold spots appearing, noises being heard and things go missing. But overall Joe Paramount is considered a friendly ghost.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, is also very famous for its haunting, especially after the movie “the shining” in 1980. Multiple paranormal activity researchers have visited the place and have felt presence. Multiple people have witnessed a young boy appearing in room 1211 and another man who likes to stay in the cupboards and bedrooms. The ghost of the owner of the hotel also makes appearances in the lobby, while the ghost of his wife flora plays piano for the guests.

Myrtles Plantation

The place was built in 1796 by General David Bradford and is situated in St, franciseville, Louisiana. The place is the location of ten murders, though only one has been confirmed. Now the place has been made bed and breakfast. However serious haunting events have been witnessed by the people who come here to stay. Incidents that were witnessed here include, piano playing itself, guests dragged from their beds, footsteps and noises heard on the staircase.

Moundsville Penitentiary

This prison now is considered one of the most haunted places in America; it is located in Moundsville, Virginia and opens for tours by nightfall. According to estimates, almost one thousand inmates died in this prison, some due to natural death others killed in a violent way. The most famous ghost is the shadow man. But some people have also witnessed the ghost of a maintenance man who was stabbed by the inmates.

Villisca axe Murder house

This house has been a grim murder scene of the residents of the house on 10th June 1912, the owner of the house Josiah B.Moore his wife, their four children, two guest girls were slain to death, by some mysterious murderer.  Over the time the residents have reported seeing a man with an axe, children crying, and cold spots appearing and disappearing. Due to all these reasons it was restored back to its original condition, with no electricity. The place is available for one night stay for people who wish to experience paranormal activity.

Mammoth Cave

The Mammoth cave in the national park is located in Edmonson Kentucky. It was created in July 1941. The cave is considered one of the most haunted places in America due to multiple incidents reported by people. Almost one hundred and fifty spectacles of ghosts have been reported. Many people have gone in the cave but some didn’t come out. Disembodied legs running around the place have been seen. People have heard voices and even seen full body apparitions.

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