Haunted Houses US

Haunted Houses

The spooky and scary places to go

The United States is full of all the places in the world. But there are some places where those teenagers and young ones would like to go like the haunted houses. The US has been famous to have numerous haunted houses at different locations. These are visited by people who like to scare their friends and companions and experience the thrill and horror too. Description of a haunted house

The haunted houses are noted to have some features in common like :

•             Old hangings and drapes

•             Scraped off paints of the house

•             Old and broken furniture in the house

•             Broken doors and gate of the house

•             Flickering lights or no lights at all

•             Photographs of the people who used to live their amalgamated in blood

•             The torn off bed sheets and clothes with blood

•             The scattered pieces of furniture and other stuff

•             The squeaky doors and noises they make

•             The broken glass windows

•             The gutter nearby making noises

•             The overgrown trees and plants nearby

•             No houses at walking distances

These houses give a spooky and scary look, and to add more to their frightening nature, people always have some kind of horror stories regarding the people who used to live in those houses. The people are either hanged or burnt to death according to the stories or they had attempted suicide for some reason. Whatever the stories are they all involve dead bodies whose spirits and souls haunt the house, so nobody else starts living in them. Why an attraction?

Although these haunted houses always have some spine chilling stories regarding their inhabitants, yet they are an attractive source for people and tourists. Everybody knows there are no ghosts but just to experience the thrill and horror by stepping in the house along with your friends is what attracts the people the most. And then the craving of visiting these haunted houses at nigh time is again an attractive offer for all. Most people talk about these houses as a piece of art, they say it takes confidence to climb to cliffs and build these houses for mere entertainment. And then to add to it, they make up stories and spread blood in clothes and houses to scare off people. It definitely takes courage to go to such houses especially those in the US. There has been a list created of these haunted houses located in US. They are found all around the country, in popular states and towns. The list is as follows:

•             Diamond Center, supposedly haunted by Native Americans in Alaska

•             Bird Cage Theatre, supposedly haunted by laughters in Arizona

•            Copper Queen Hotel in Arizona

•             Monte Visa Hotel in Arizona

•             Vulture Mine in Arizona

•             Hotel Jerome in Colorado

•             Osgood Castle in Colorado

•             Pioneer Park in Colorado

•             Stanley Hotel in Colorado

•             Riddle House in Florida

•             Saint Lighthouse in Florida

•             Moon River Company in Georgia

•             Big Bay Point Light in Michigan

There are numerous more places located in the US which have been reported to be haunted. Are they haunted in real life or these are just made up stories? You will have to go to find out!

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