Halona Blowhole is a Rock Formation

Halona Blowhole

Nature spews out of many fascinating and magnificent gifts of the Hawaiian Islands, among them is the Halona Blowhole. Halona Blowhole is located north the Hanauma Bay, off the Kalanianole Highway. Itoffers its visitors a magnificent scenic stroll of beautiful views of the outer islands and the coastline.The blowhole is a natural occurrence which is a result of molten lava tubes from volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago when volcanoes were still active on O’ahu.

The ocean undercut the lava, drilling a hole to the top. Halona blowhole, which is located on the south shore of O’ahu,astonishes many visitors when crashing waves push through the lava tubes and cause the water to spray as high as 30 feet into the air.

You might ask; how can this be possible? Well, as the lava tube becomes smaller and smaller, the water gets compressed causing the pressure to increase and as a result a stream of water is forced to shoot up, as the wave of water becomes bigger, the spray gets higher. This is a fascinating natural feature worth taking pictures of for future reference. However, you should be careful not to draw too close to it.

At the Halona blowhole, if you fancy a bit of secluded swimming, then you can do so at the Halona Cove. The cove, which is also known as the “peering place” is situated to the right of the blowhole(when facing the ocean). It is a small sandy beach that is perfect for swimming when the surf is calm. It is essential to only swim when the waters are calm, since it is dangerous to swim in its rough water without a lifeguard. Within its waters, you can have a look at the resident honu, which is an endangered Hawaiian green sea turtle.

Next to the cove is a reef coated with Sinularia Leather Coral. This coral doesn’t need much light to live, and there, you will find a number of different species such as the eels, slugs, and echinoderms. During the winter season, you will beable to have a glimpse of the humpback whales as they make their journey away from the North Pacific.

The KaIwi channel which is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable oceans in the world is located below Halona. It is recommended that before you embark on the exploration of the area, you wear sturdy shoes, since the walk down to the beach is rocky and steep.

As a precaution, following a number of accidents and even deaths, locked gates have been erected to keep people from going out onto the rock formation, instead a lookout was set up which hangs below the parking lot. In addition, there are a number of signs with warnings, which are unfortunately ignored by many.  On a clear day, you can also view the other Islands in the area, such as Molokai which is the closest to O’ahu.

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