Ha Long Bay A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay literally translated as the “Bay of Descending Dragons” is located in the Gulf of Tolkin, in Southeast Asia, Vietnam. It is one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is classified as a National Landscape Site in 1962 under the protection of the local government.

Ha Long Bay is arguably the most famous Vietnamese attraction overwhelmingly popular all over the world owing to its limestone pillars and nearly 2000 beautiful islands and islets. Most of the islands are uninhabited and untouched by human hands. Here, you can find a bulk of 2949 species of both plants and animals. To add to the booty, the place will give you an up close and personal experience with some of the endangered species as well as a handful of species that can only be seen in Ha Long Bay. Warm tropical climate is really tempting for tourists, and the best time to visit this spot is from April to September when nature really swells.

People who have visited this extraordinary bay have no doubt about the magic enchantments that the place casts on the onlookers. With the scenery that blows your mind and leaves you speechless, the Ha Long Bay has nearly everything that you might expect to see in water related tourist resorts all over the world combined. The crystal clear water that lets you see directly through it down to the water bed and small islands that stick out here and there you will feel like you are experiencing Heaven on Earth. It is really a breathtaking beauty. Caves with the likes of the picturesque Thein Cung and Dau Go Grotto that cast a spell on your imaginative powers with their ethereal rock formations, the floating fishing village which is probably one of its kind and the fact that there was human presence in this area in times as long ago as 18000 BC; I cannot begin to imagine how much it would take to do justice to every point of interest there is in the Bay.

If you want, you can explore it by boat cruises, but visitors of Ha Long Bay explore and search for caves to. Caves’ stalagmites and stalactites are gorgeous, and its beauty can be seen only here. Some travel writes say that only Guilin in China can be compared with the beauty of Ha Long Bay, but others do not agree. And they are the ones who are convinced that there is no place in the world that can compete Ha Long Bay’s geological, natural and geomorphologic beauty.

Looking for a more intimate experience of the picturesque bay? You can rent a kayak or junk boat or you can just enjoy its wonderful tropical beaches by cycling. If you are a heavy spender, you can also rent a helicopter and see how this bay looks like from a bird eye perspective, not to forget the rich and tasteful cuisines that are typical of the Ha Long Bay and Vietnam. At night, you will experience a slightly different image of the bay with some parts being dead quite and others chilling in parties. Here is what Vietnamese writer Huy Can had to say about it: "Night breathes; stars wave Hạ Long's water".

Ha Long Bay offers something for everyone’s taste. When you visit it for the first time we assure you it won’t be your last visit –you will be eager to visit it over and over again, and each time you return it will give you a fresh experience –the place is dynamic that way. So, go and enjoy it as soon as possible fro we are sure you won’t regret it!

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