Griffith Park Los Angeles

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is arguably one of the most outstanding parks across the globe. It is a municipal park located at the eastern end of Santa Monica Mountains. It neighbors Los Feliz in Los Angeles. It covers a whopping 1,740 hectares and hence one of the biggest urban parks in the region of North American. Additionally, it is amongst the biggest parks in California only second to Mission Trails Preserve in San Diego. Many refer to it as the central park of California.

Parks major attractions

Like many other major parks across the globe, Griffith Park has lots of attractions to offer it’s would be visitors. For starters, Griffith Park is the busiest on-location filming destination in Los Angeles with up to 346 productions in 2011 alone. Major TV productions included Criminal Minds and The Closer. Additionally, the Park has a wide variety of scenery as well as close proximity to Burbank and Hollywood. Film producers have found a myriad ways through which the same spot can be produced in different movies and appear different. Many have argued that finding a place in Griffith film which has not featured in a film is extremely hard.

Also outstanding is the Griffith’s observatory. This is a 12-inch Zeiss refraction telescope in the eastern dome. Visitors can explore presentations of space exploration as well as science exhibits hands on. The best time for this, is by nights. It sits on top of Mount Hollywood’s southern slope which prominently appeared in the classical movie "Rebel without a Cause". Other films  borrowed some of their scenery from Griffith’s park including: The Terminator, Disney's The Rocketeer, Van Helsing, The Majestic, and Yes Man, among others. The park area around the Observatory is also a wonderful location in role-playing video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines that is set up in Los Angeles.

Other major attractions at the park include the Los Angeles Zoo which is home to more than 1,100 animals. Consequently, bird shows and other special events run throughout the day.  Autry National Center is also amongst the greatest attractions at the Museum. It hosts art and artifacts which illustrate the Western lifestyle, as well as the lifestyles of the Native Americans. It has interactive areas which make it a lively spot. It also hosts a travel town where train lovers of all ages can ride, climb, and watch operational models. The steam train rides can be enjoyed on Sundays.  L.A. Equestrian Center is also another place you wouldn't want to miss visting. It offers stables, riding lessons, exhibitions and more.

If you love hiking, then Griffith Park, LA is the best. There are lots of hiking trails across the park. There is a popular trail leading from the observatory, to Mount Hollywood top which is the topmost point in the park. Here, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Los Angeles. Finally, in December you can enjoy the HolidayLight Festival. As a matter of fact, the park has a lot to offer.

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