The Great Wall of China: The Extensive Walls Standing as One of the Perpetual Extraordinary Establishments

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is no doubt one of the man’s most remarkable and spectacular creations; a creation which forms the major attraction in China leaving all other behind. Any visit to China is incomplete without visiting the wall. This Great Wall is about 6,000 kilo meters long and goes across China.

The primary purpose it served was an outer wall of a fortress; the wall was made in many different parts of the country for protecting several different areas from the Northern tribes, nomads and other enemies. The wall was not in one piece and was separated at different points, but later all the pieces were joined together to make one protective layer and it took about 2000 years to build. The person who started to build this wall was Emperor Qin Shi Huang. He was the one who ordered his General to connect all the walls in order to have a great wall that even today carries the undying historic contribution glorifying the Chinese civilization.

Putting aside the historical reasons for visiting the prominent formation, it should also be visited because of the spectacular views it provides to those who cross it. The wall is very long and difficult to traverse at points so you should try to have a guide with you. The guide will not only show you the splendid views and name them, but will also keep up your spirits because it can be hard to cross it without getting tired or giving up. The problem is that you cannot even give up; you either have to cross it or stay on the wall which is not a very appealing option. The Great Wall of China begins from Qinhuangdao in the east and continues for thousands of kilometers ending in Jiayuguan to the west.  The wall that we explore today has been constructed during the Ming Dynasty that belongs to the era from 1368-1644.  Because of its great historic value, UNESCO has recognized the eternal creation as the World Heritage in 1987.

How it began?

It is a mysterious episode that lies behind the construction of this undying historic structure. Local resources and raw materials were utilized constructing this amazing gigantic structure. A huge work force was appointed to carry out this difficult strenuous job. Soldiers, prisoner and other local residents were involved in this outstanding project. Even today, it stands as the symbol that reflects the obstinacy of the citizens of China without whom this creation could not be erected.

In various folk songs, you would have heard the name of a famous character who died while working on constructing the giant structure. A portion of the structure collapsed the thing that lead to his death. This story earns a historic popularity in various historic documents that depicts the amazing facts regarding the Great Wall of China.

Why the Giant Structure was constructed?

If you look upon the historic episodes, you may find that the warrior tribes from the North. The great Wall served as the barrier to block the entrance of the particular ethnic group. It was the most advanced method during that era protecting the Chinese civilization from the attacks of the warriors. Therefore, the common people carried out their routine works such as farming and cultivating without the worry of any unexpected attacks. However, with the advancement of technology it became difficult for the massive structure to obstruct the illegal entrance of the combatants. It was made of stones and grass, so with the invention of the modern weapons the advantages of the structure diminished to a great extent.

Discover the miraculous innovative thoughts of the people during that pre-historic era that reflects on the refined architectural work of that era on your visit to the Great Wall of China.

This great wonder of the world is worth a tour. One thing you should know is that The Wall cannot be seen from the moon; in fact, no fabricated object can be seen from up there. Marathons are even held at the wall going on for about six to seven days. The visit to the wall is an unforgettable experience because your bone gets tired from all the walking and you still go on pushed by the motive the of reaching the end and seeing what lies beyond each point.

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