Great Smoky Mountains-Best Park in The South!

great smoky mountains

A national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Smoky Mountains is in Tennessee. This park is everything that an avid hiker could want for. Not only is it a refreshing experience for regular hikers but those who are amateurs will be satisfied as well. If you're looking for a place to have a vacation then you don't need to look further because The Great Smoky Mountains is the perfect place.

Mount Le Conte-a fun and adventurous exercise

This is a site not only for perfectly fit and athletic individuals but also for the occasional hiker. Even if you're sixty years old this is a really good place to get your heart pumping. Getting to the top isn't as intense as in other hiking mountains, which is probably what makes it one of the most populous hiking mountains. There are different trails which take different times to get to the top. There are lodges as well where hikers can stay overnight. People with average athletic condition will be fine on a hike. And I almost forgot mentioning the views which, obviously, are amazing.

Clingmans Dome-highest peak east of Mississippi

People will enjoy hiking on the trails and explore the wild when they come here; this is why they cannot miss out on this place. It is the highest peak in the park and the observatory can be reached after a walk up a hill. The walk is a little tough but when you reach the observatory and take a look you'll forget all the troubles you went through to get there; the view is breathtaking. Don't miss this one!

Ramsey Cascades-breathtaking waterfalls and tough hike

This trail is approximately 8 miles long but it has every little detail in it from log bridges to rock climbing. The trail itself is strenuous and will probably exhaust you at the end but all the pain will be worth it once you get to the end. The waterfalls are simply wonderful. They are cool and refreshing. The whole tiring hike will be forgotten once you get there. This hike is one of the reasons why the park is so much visited. Missing out on this one is out of the question if you're in a good state of health. Take out some time from your schedule and visit the park but be sure not to miss Ramsey Cascades.

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