Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan's Gold Coast-Where Sun, Sand, Beer and History Resides

Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast

Most of us know of Grand Rapids as the city in Central Michigan that produces office furniture
and religious books. But, wait, this is no longer the case. Grand Rapids has evolved a lot. In the
year 2012 and 2013 – it was voted as the best beer city in US. At present, this city is a hub of 25
craft breweries along with a hip and trendy art scene.
The Frederik Meijer Gardens look beautiful with the impressive flowers on site all year round. In
fact, if possible attend one of the 162 ArtPrize venues, which are the world's largest art
competition where more than 1,700 painters, performing artists, designers and sculptors from
45 countries come to display their art.
Go a little further about 30 miles and you will come face to face with Lake Michigan's Gold
Coast. Miles and miles of white sand where you can opt for different water sport activities. If
you are not much of a fan of beaches, you can visit the cider houses, vineyards and berry
orchards to have a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
A visit to the Gerald R. Ford Museum, located downtown is a must. This museum has been set
up to pay homage to Michigan's only president – namely Gerald Ford. You can check out the
cool low-tech burglary gadgets, the huge tape recorders and the basis of the Watergate Scandal
– the bulky lock picks. Interesting isn’t it? You practically get the opportunity to witness history
with your very eyes. Don’t forget to buy the bobble head dolls that are carved out in the form
of different US presidents – quite a unique gift.
And finally end your trip with a visit to the small town of Petoskey. Why we are recommending
this place? Well, you can visit the Little Traverse History Museum that houses a variety of items,
as well as books that belonged to Ernest Hemmingway. You get to check out rare first edition
books of the author that have his signature. Literature buffs are sure to adore this iconic
museum. Imagine visiting a museum dedicated to your favorite literary figure.
So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets for this beautiful, endearing
place. Let your next trip be a mixture of beach fun, tipple specials and literature savvy so that
you can soak in the art, culture and heritage of this wondrous area.

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