The Swedish government has made it easy to enjoy Sweden's nature by giving people the right of public access in a law called Allemansrätten. If you follow the maxim “Do not disturb and do not destroy” you can pretty much visit anything anywhere (unless it is a private property telling you not to).

The second largest city in Sweden offers clean skies and breathtaking skyscrapers. Amazing natural beauty, science and nature…and yes…the right to access…!


Nature-Nature-Nature: Few places in the world are blessed with its natural diversity, that can rival Gothenburg. Beaches, lakes, natural parks, this city has all of it.

Education: If you have children, you will absolutely have to visit Gothenburg. From Universeum to Volvo museum to the Aeroseum, let them get the fun of education.

Southern Goteborg Archipelago: Nature, silence and serenity. Lose yourself in the quiet of the islands, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Spend some time with your loved ones, or even better with yourself. With only nature talking to you, you, you might hear yourself as well.

Use the famous Swedish public transport (Take Tram Number 11) and then a boat (use the transport card, it works almost everywhere).

Botanical Garden: Botany at its diverse best. You get to see the plants from all over the world. Right from flowers to spices, see the Mother Nature in full bloom. Touch, feel and smell the plants. Refresh yourself at the waterfall, and on your way back, buy a few souvenirs (preferably plants).

Universeum: Don’t leave Gothenburg without visiting the Unievrseum. Where else can you get the sea, rain forest, the dessert and the space under one roof…? And if you have children, you just can’t afford to miss this place.

Delsjon Lake: Stunning natural beauty. Take a walk around it and admire the hypnotic scenery. If you are more sporty kind, ride a bicycle. We would strongly recommend renting a Canoe. It’s cheap and fun.

It’s a lovely city with so much to offer, a rare intersection of nature and science. Many of the tourist attractions are without any entrance fee. Talk about the right to access…!

Tip: Buy the Gothenburg City Card it would save you money and hassle on almost everything from public transport to tourist places.

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