Golden Gate Bridge - The Wonder of the Modern World

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge has long served as a renowned symbol of the United States. Being the charm of San Francisco and one of California's major attractions, this bridge is one mile wide and 3 miles long. It is spread between the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco; basically the connecting route between San Francisco and Marlin County. Prior to the bridge's construction, the distance between the two locations was covered by boats.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has given the Golden Bridge the status of one of the World's Wonders. Besides, it is declared by the Frommer's guide as one of the most photographed and visited places. Suspending at the height of 1300 meters, this long bridge was built in 1937. Throughout the world, the bridge has served as the Historical Landmark of California. Enough said. Now the question is what does this bridge have for you? Not just for the vehicles; it's famous for pedestrians, bikers and even bicycles.

There are six lanes for traffic and vehicles in total, spread across the bridge's width of one mile. The railings were installed between the walkways and the lanes for the traffic to prevent accidents. The eastern walkway is for pedestrians and bicycles and is operational from morning till midafternoon. So a morning walk or a joyous bicycle ride is good to go if you're planning on burning some calories on the Golden Gate Bridge. From midafternoon to the remaining part of the day the walkway is just kept confined to pedestrians. This is the schedule for week days. On weekends, it has separate hours for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The walkway of the western side is only open to bicyclists, that also during the hours when the entry for the bicycles is closed on the eastern walkway. So now you have an idea how the activities on the Golden Gate Bridge are organized for ensuring the utmost safety. Buses and public conveyance services are managed by the Golden Gate Transit and the San Francisco Muni which are two of the most renowned public transport organizations.

You wouldn't want to miss out on the famous gift shop and visitor center you'll find if you're heading towards San Francisco. And along that lane you'll also come to cafes, restrooms, etc. So, you won’t need anything from outside while you are traveling the 3 miles on the bridge.

The international orange color of the Golden Gate Bridge was chosen by Irving Morrow, a popular architect. The bridge due to its color stands out and blends well with the surroundings. The real beauty of the bridge is not just visible during the night hours because of the lights and decoration but also visible from the water and the close proximity to the surrounding natural scenery during morning and day hours will keep you engaged as well.

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