A glimpse of Paradise: Kashmir valley

Kashmir valley

Kashmir was initially land divided between India's northwestern state and district of Kashmir situated in Pakistan but today Azad Kashmir is part of Pakistan.  The beautiful Kashmir valley is reputedly Pakistan 's most visited and explored natural   territory and why not sky high snow clad peaks, roaring streams and rivers, lush green meadows, enchanting forests, lofty mountains and glaciers are glimpse of nature at its best.

This is the reason why thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world come here to behold spectacular scenic locations. So make your hot summers really cool and choose for yourself some amazing picnic spots in wonderful Kashmir valley.

Picturesque Banjosa Lake:

Banjosa Lake lies near Rawalakot, a city in Azad Kashmir. It is a fantastic artificial lake at the height of 1981 meters which present magnificent views and splendid gardens. Surrounded by mountains and clustered with lush green trees and flowers, the lake invites a large number of tourists. For the comfort and pleasure of visitors, the lake has luxuries Hotels and guest houses, not only that but also some fabulous resorts capture the attention of visitors as accommodation it is quite appropriate and reasonable.


Tolipir named after a saint is the most beautiful spot to visit.It is a hilltop situated in the north eastern side of Rawalakot and at an altitude of 8800 ft. It presents aspiring scenes as it is the origin point to different mountain ridges. To cut the heat of the summers, the weather here is quite pleasant and ideal. For adventurous tourists, ToliPir is an ideal location to experience and enjoy snowfall. There are hotels and rest houses available at reasonable prices for visitors' accommodation.

Muzaffarabad: A great tourist destination

Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir and center for tourists to unleash the bounties of nature. The idyllic beauty, scenic landscapes, great culture, hospitality of people makes it famous Holiday destination. Red Fort surrounded by Neelum River and Pir Chinasi located at the height of 29000 m  are popular places to visit, besides this is a place from where you can view breathtaking scenes of mountains of Jehlum and Neelum valley so don't forget to visit the capital of Kashmir valley.

Spectacular Neelum Valley:

This pearl of nature extends 240 km and lies to the north of Muzaffarabad. Immersed in the beauty, the valley spellbinds its spectators with its enchanting waterfalls, idyllic scenery, towering hills, flowering trees, singing streams and springs. A breath taking green spot called Sharda named after beautiful princess Sharda lies at a height of 1981 m. There are two fascinating mountain peaks shardi and Nardi which overlook the spectacular valley. For visitors interested in history, this place has remains of Old Buddhist University. Another famous spot is Kel which is located at an altitude of 2097 m it presents panoramic views for the delight of the tourists.

Lovely Leepa valley:

This is another charming and captivating valley 45 km away from Muzaffarabad. Leepa valley presents enthralling and dazzling sights with its crystal clear waters, pine trees, flowing streams, which lend alluring sounds to ears and green carpeted landscapes. Among the major attractive locations is Nullah Qazi Nag which beguils the tourists with delightful waterfalls, woody areas, and snow covered majestic peaks. The valley has its highest mountain called Shamsa Bari where large numbers of people come to see it. The basins of Kazi Nag have many poplar trees which clad it in the yellow hue when leaves are to fall..Chinar trees put on a fantastic crimson hue; the sight is worth viewing when one walks through mountains, besides walnut trees all over the valley put on yellow, red and orange attire to present stunning views. Leepa is also famous for its peculiar style of kashmiri architecture where one gets astounded to see unique three storied wooden houses.

So get ready to explore Pakistan's fairy land Kashmir valley which is undoubtedly a Paradise on earth

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