Glimpse of Life in Rome

Piazza Navona

Rome is one of the most beautifully built romantic cities of all times. A trip to Rome is just what you need to rejuvenate your love and your life. Although it is a very splendid place to live in but can certainly burn a hole in your pocket if you cannot manage your finances. There are several places in Rome which are bustling with activity and are quiet popular with locals. Read on to get a glimpse of life in Rome

Local Treasures

Rome is bustling with some world famous treasures which the locals are proud of. Rome houses the magnificent Colosseum which is one big impressive amphitheatre dating back to several years. This place used to accommodate more than 55,000 Romans during events. There are several other marvels of architecture which are housed perfectly in Rome. There is another spectacular treasure Pantheon that houses tombs of some of the most important people in the history of Rome. The Trevi Fountain, the Roman forum, Galleria Borghese and several more form an important part of Rome’s history.

Housing in Rome

There are some great areas where many wish to get a home. There is the Trastevere, the ancient neighbourhood which is beautiful and inhabited by many foreigners and is quiet expansive. Then there is another popular place known as Prati which is also an expensive proposition as Trastevere. The more affordable option is Piazza Bologna near the University of Rome and is accessible through the metro. Owning a house in Rome is pretty expensive, at least near to the heart of the city. You could be spending close to half a million euros and still be stuck in an apartment with no balcony.

Lifestyle and Routines

Rome is set to spoil you with its culinary excellence. There are incredible restaurants where you can enjoy your food at and it is quiet affordable. Travelling via public transport is very affordable and most of the locals opt for the same. As far as shopping is concerned, “Via Veneto” is the most incredible but expansive shopping street of Rome. There are several other excellent shopping neighbourhoods and you getting to do some amazing shopping in Rome especially during the Sale. It is just the right time to fulfil all your clothing fantasies.

Piazza Navona

You can spend the evening at Piazza Navona where you can have a good time in some of the best restaurants and ice cream shops of the area. You can see several locals and foreigners frequenting the place. Saint Agnes church is nearby and you can take a casual stroll too.

Villa Borghese

To relax from the hustle and bustle of the daily life, locals come to this incredibly beautiful and serene park to relax. You can spend some quality time here to get some peace of mind. Villa Borghese houses many other important landmarks and is also known as Park of Museums. Temples, Statues and beautiful fountains are a common sight in the park.

There is no one that can escape the charms of Rome. Perhaps the word “romance” was coined out of Rome itself.

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